Being Positive = Being Fake?

As someone who considers myself a genuinely happy person today, I will get the occasional criticism or two about my attitude and my outlook on life. One of the most common ones I hear is that I am not “realistic” enough, that I am failing to acknowledge the other side of the coin, the negatives in this world.

I use to feel this was a valid point, so I started to ask myself some questions. Because I am choosing to be a positive person, does that mean I have to be ignorant to the idea of evil to some extent? Even more extreme, would I ever have to go as far as deny in my mind that evil happens on a daily basis? Here’s my simple answer: definitely no. I’m sure there are some people who may think like this, but I am not one of them.

Here is how I see it:



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Author: Donald "Nugget" Arteaga

Living to transcend labels, to share my insights, to inspire others to move past the generalizations and stereotypes of society. Was diagnosed with autism, but autism doesn't have me! <3

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