I’ve been a hypocrite.

I told my friend recently about the possibility of overthinking leading to inaction. I provided this based on my own past experiences. And yet I’ve found myself doing it the last few days. I’d describe it along the lines of an identity crisis. In my spare time I’ve been questioning everything, my actions, past and present, what I’ve actively chosen in my life vs. what I haven’t. In doing so, I realized my weekly routines and standards I originally set for myself are nonexistent in my present.

So now, I’m actively choosing to bring back what “worked” for me in my past into my life. Is it “wrong” to base your life around what worked in the past? No, I don’t believe so but I think I may have thought that. What I know is when I stayed focused on a single endpoint and took action, I saw I received results. When I didn’t overthink, I saw I was more present in my daily actions. Will my routine hold me back from having other experiences? No, unless I choose to let it.

And I write this here to place it out into existence: for accountability, for insight, for inspiration, for my future self, for truth. And the truth will set you free. 


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