I Smile Remembering High School…

I browsed through some old high school mementos and felt a sense of nostalgia this evening. I remember being back there. There honestly weren’t many thoughts that crossed my mind of when I would enter adulthood. Most of my focus back then was on my present life: my friends, the homework, the pep rallies, the after-school activities, the cliques, the AP classes, the couples, the drama, etc. I can even still faintly hear echoes of singing our Alma Mater on our football field. All in all, it made for an engaging, albeit very busy time in my life to think of anything else.

I also think about high school, and I compare it to the person I am now, the person I’ve become. I think about the people I’ve stayed in touch with and the people I’ve reconnected with. All of us were in the same environment for 4 years, took similar classes, and shared similar hopes and fears. But yet we all as adults now still turned out differently. All of our paths have been beautifully distinct, and I feel that goes to show how unique we all are as individuals.

At the time, high school felt like it encapsulated everything I needed to know or to be aware of for my life. But looking back on it now, I smile at my naivete because there was so much more I had yet to learn and experience.



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