An Urgent Reminder

Where focus goes, energy flows.” ~ Tony Robbins

No matter what situation you’re going through right now, no matter what circumstances you’re currently in, what you focus on will be a key part in determining your reality.

Take for example how 2 people can experience a music concert, but both of them leave with opposite opinions. Person 1 says: “The concert was AMAZING! The performers gave it their all, the music was crisp clear, and everyone wanted to get out of their seats! I’d attend again in a heartbeat!” But then Person 2 says: “The concert was AWFUL! The music was too loud, the bright lights were hurting my eyes, and the people sitting next to me were obnoxious! I will never come here again!” Again, these 2 people experienced the exact same concert yet their perceptions of it differed massively. One ended up loving it and the other hating it. Why?

This is the power of focus. It influences so many of our daily thoughts, actions, and emotions.

With this idea in mind, what are you going to focus on today? What will define today for you? Will today be about the enjoyable times you spent with your friends playing frisbee, or will it be about when the frisbee got stuck in a tree? Will today be about the thrills you felt on a roller coaster, or will it be about the long line you waited in to ride it?

Will today be about what really matters to you, or will today be about what happens to you?

Let me know what you think!








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