How I AWAKEN My Inner Warrior! (PERSONAL)

💪 There’s a Warrior in all of us! 💪

Have you ever experienced a moment where you stunned yourself, where you were just like: “HOW DID I DO THAT?!”

I’m talking about moments where you surprised yourself and saw how much more capable you were of doing something than you believed?! 😲

I’ve experienced those moments many times…in exercise! 🔢

At times I’ve considered myself more of a Lover than a Fighter. But there are moments where the inner Warrior has just come out of me, seeping into every ounce of my being as I push myself past the physical limits I initially set. 👊

It happened one day on my morning run.

As I started to run, I turned on my earphones to a song called “Journey to the Line” by Hans Zimmer. It’s a song that starts off very slowly, providing a quiet and brooding tone. But as the time progresses, the volume continues to build, the intensity continues to rise.

As all this goes on, I have subconsciously turned my pace from a power walk into a jog. I am moving in sync with the music. As the music reverberates through my ears, so it does through my body.

My eyes start to squint, the wind pushes harder against my face, and the sweat starts to form. And then there is That Moment, that moment in the song where all but for a split second I have let myself go…🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♂️

The song has entered its climax. I’m not sprinting; I’m running for my life!

In my imagination: I’m running for the Gold. I’m running into the heart of battle. I’m running as explosions and chaos reigns behind me. I’m running as if my life, and all of humanity’s lives, depend upon it. It is all up to me! 🙌

Suddenly, the music is calm again. Reality has comes back into focus. I’m back in my body. I’m back to slowing down my sprint. I’m aware my breath is panting. I’m back again in my quiet neighborhood in the quiet suburbs of Chicago. 🏙️

The immortality I had grasped for the moment has now become a passing thought. My inner Warrior has sheathed his weapon; it’s time for him to rest…🌟

I believe there’s an inner Warrior in all of us! To think I use to be 80 pounds heavier than I am today…I know so much credit has to go to my Warrior.

Will you open yourself to your inner Warrior?! ❤️








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