Why We Shouldn’t DISMISS Spirituality! (PERSONAL)

What is Spirituality?

Hippies? Meditation? Yoga?

New Age? Supernatural? Religion?

What if I said spirituality is reflected in many more aspects of our lives than we think? 😮

✔️ In the Olympic athlete who surpasses their physical capabilities

✔️ In the wealthy person who, given everything, still feels “empty”

✔️ In the individual who, under the worst of circumstances, finds the strength to triumph

Spirituality is not a religion. It’s not dogmatic, although it can certainly be treated as such. But if I could try to simplify it down as best as I could, I would say spirituality is an exploration into the subjective experience of life, understanding what it means to be human.

In other words, it involves us all: our relationship to ourselves, the world, and the entire cosmos. 🌎

Science has the objective side of life covered with logic, rationality, and critical thinking; spirituality is on the subjective side with the abstract, the profound, and the soulful.

Both in their own ways are searching for truth, to understand this life and our place within it. 🕵️♀️

For those who knew me a few years ago I used to have a very strong preference for agnostic atheism. (And for those who only just met me…plot twist haha!) But I prefer not to use the label much anymore. If anything, a better description would be I embrace a secular spirituality, a humanistic one, one that doesn’t depend on beliefs of the divine or supernatural but on the best in other human beings.

I’m focused on us and leaving the world better than I before I got here. 🙌

Initially, I was under the impression that science would help provide me with all these answers. It gave me facts. It helped me understand the natural world. It gave me a greater appreciation for the world we live in today.

But eventually my journey brought me into spirituality. I had more realizations, more understandings, more personal experiences I could not put into words, and voids I couldn’t fill with scientific jargon. I mean, I could simply summarize these things as just some emotional states of transcendence caused by chemicals in my brain. But it’s far more meaningful to me than that. 🧠

To clarify, I’m NOT here to dismiss science’s importance in order to favor spirituality. Our modern civilization would not be where it is today without science. For all the advances in technology, agriculture, and our collective understanding of things down to the molecular level most of us wouldn’t be alive without it!

Some unfortunately in the spiritual community dismiss science or simply haven’t taken the time to understand how complex it all is. I can tell you it’s very easy within the spiritual community to fall into pseudoscience or conspiracy theories when your primary mode of discernment is in your emotions, your intuition, instead of your intellect.

Science has a very different approach to discernment. It’s takes the very opposite route and questions even the most sacred of personal experiences.

My point is, I’m not here to make an equivalence between these two. But what I am here to do is, rather than think we must choose between having one or the other, to tell you we can embrace both science AND spirituality. We can appreciate what they both bring to the table in this game we call Life! ☯️

Science was not the endpoint for me. But neither was spirituality either. 😃



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