Why I Embrace Personal GROWTH! (PERSONAL)

The past week I attended Tony Robbins’s “Date With Destiny” event. Needless to say, it was such a life-changing experience. But I have people who ask me why I continue going to these events, why I will continue to go as far as volunteer at them.

I am here because My personal development is also Our personal development. The work I don’t do on myself now will become a future person’s work. 👥

Every action. Every gesture. Every word. We are already creating the Ripple Effects for future generations. Think of the game Jenja: the first block removed can be the reason the blocks finally topple over later. 🌎

The question I keep thinking about is: What will we all leave our our future brothers and sisters? If someone were to ask who you were at your funeral, what would you hope they’d say? That you made a genuine positive difference in the world? That you focused on something more than Me, Me, Me? As Tony says, people really start to live when they face death, the awareness of all of our mortality. It’s a very powerful motivator! 👊

It’s beautiful so many of us here at Date With Destiny have this amazing opportunity being here, with the awareness that many don’t even have the money to afford basic necessities such as food and water. A majority of the world’s focuses are not about working on themselves because they’re simply trying to meet their most basic necessities. 😞

For much has been given, much is expected back from us. I truly believe it is not for Me but We. Because the better I am for myself, the better I can be for every human being in this experience called Life. It’s truly a blessing being able to attend this week, and I will take all that I learn into my continuing growth. 



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