The Part Of Me I Don’t Show…(PERSONAL)

I’ve debated sharing this part of myself.

I started noticing it a lot more the past few years. Frankly, it’s been appearing for a while too, subtly reflected in my online posts but only in minor details. I don’t often show it because it’s not the most “accessible” part of me for a mainstream audience I wish to reach.

But behind this “happy” and “positive” guy you know, there’s far more substance than what I like to show. This may come as a surprise to many people. 😱

📌 I’m talking about the Intellectual side of me. I’m talking about the side that loves using critical thinking, the objective over the subjective, the complex over the simple, the left over the right brain.

📌 I’m talking about the side of me that sees a world filled with paradoxes and contradictions, the side that challenges my own beliefs about life and how they can arguably be seen as intellectually lazy.

📌 I’m talking about the side of me that loves to indulge in works from individuals like Richard Feynman, Jean-Paul Sartre, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Jordan Peterson, Sam Harris, etc.

I’m especially talking about the side of me that keeps concluding back to the words of Socrates: “All I know is that I know nothing.” Small talk is not in my vocabulary in this mental home. 🏠

But here’s the thing: I want to reach as many people as I can. One thing they teach in Business 101 is: “Know your Ideal Customer”. Therefore, I do find the necessity in transforming my writings and ideas into something more accessible to others. I don’t mean “accessible” as in people-pleasing but “accessible” as in having more people easily able to understand the ideas I present. 😃

Trust me when I say it’s very easy for intellectuals to get caught up in abstract terminology, colorful vocabulary as well as all the “-isms”. But the problem with this is that the jargon can easily come off as self-indulgent, pretentious, rather than informative. So, there is a challenge in me to be sure I explain things such as my mission to Transcend Labels in laymen’s terms.

I love Einstein’s quote: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” 🗣️

So you can say in many cases online I do abridge how I express my ideas, to share them in the simplest ways I can, to take complex ideas and simplify them down to their roots, to take the abstract and make it more tangible, to take ideas and share them in a practical manner so the majority can easily use them, to create excessively long run-on sentences if the flow requires it. 😜

It’s not about theorizing all day that matters to me. Anyone can do that: debate ideas over and over in their head but never take any action to create a lasting change in the world. This message to you all is also in a way to remind myself too! I’ve gotten caught up in this web of overanalyzing before. It also typically leads to analysis paralysis.

I could debate all I want about intellectualism vs capitalism, individualism vs collectivism, the Problem of Evil, essentialism vs existentialism, the existence of God, determinism vs indeterminism, but with no action what progress has truly been made on the world?! 😫

The only thing I know plain and simple is that I want to help people live better lives, and I’m going to provide that in practical and actionable ways. I’ve found a lot of great ideas out there that I believe need to be shared. It’s why I’m such a big advocate for continuing to educate oneself. Because the more you learn, paradoxically you also learn how little you know. 🤷♂️

But I want to stress that’s not an excuse for inaction! Don’t let the ideas you learn go to waste! 👍








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