Why We Need the Left AND Right Brain!

There’s a great quote by Benjamin Franklin that says: “A man convinced against his will is of the same opinion still.” In other words, trying to prove someone wrong is often self-defeating. But we’ve also all done it before! Sure, you can also use brute force and intimidation to make someone change their mind, but it doesn’t mean personally they honestly will want to. 👍
As a child, I was raised in an environment where I was encouraged to be open about how I felt and to express my emotions. It was not frowned upon me as a boy to cry and be in touch with how I felt. But when it came to being a teenager though I started developing more of a shell, started leaning more towards using the left side of my brain: rationality, logic, science, and critical thinking. I saw life could be tough (bullying, for example) and that emotions could be seen more as “weakness” than a strength. It was almost like a form of defense from letting my emotional side seep out. 😮
Today…I embrace both parts of me the left AND the right brain. While I don’t place an equivalency between the 2 parts (not 50-50), I believe they’re both nonetheless important to acknowledge and to understand each of their benefits. Yes, they are both are a part of who we are, and they each bring something to the table!🧠
It was even Zig Zigler who said: “We are not rational beings. We are emotional beings.” So to deny one’s own emotions is to deny a part of our evolutionary being. But for those who have mastered the left sides of their brains, I give you a lot of recognition. It takes time and discipline to develop those skills all the while setting aside your primal emotions. 💯
After all, we weren’t as babies openly thinking to ourselves: “Wait a moment! It’s irrational of me to be crying so much. If I am to get my basic needs met, I may have to consider additional options as well as test and weigh out the probability I will receive the desired outcomes.” 😉
But here’s the thing: there is a significant amount of the world’s population who have not developed these skills. Many people have not had the same opportunities or upbringing as we all may have had. So for me, or anyone for that matter, to expect the next person we talk with to share the same education as well as understandings that we hold is also self-defeating. To say to someone: “Suck it up” or “Be rational” only adds fuels to the fire. In fact, it’s irrational to think saying that is rational! 😂
🌟 This is important: Where one person may be coming from a LOGICAL and RATIONAL place of reasoning, the other person may be coming from an EMOTIONAL place of reasoning. It’s so important to understand this distinction because it’s where a ton of arguments happen! 🌟
But while our emotions can cause unnecessary stressful situations, it does not mean we should simply start suppressing them either and throw all our resources to the left side of the brain. What I mean is we should not just “throw out the baby with the bathwater”. This is where I’m a strong advocate for developing emotional intelligence instead: learning how to be able to handle, control, and express our emotions in a healthy and constructive way as well so we can also better understand others. 🙂
Are there going to be people who use their emotions as an offensive weapon in hurting others? Yes. But are there also people who are going to use logic and reason as their own offensive weapon? Also yes. But can we instead use the gifts of our emotions in a way where it doesn’t impede on our personal growths but rather enhances them? Hell yes! I love you! ❤️ #TranscendLabels



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