Why You Need to Be HONEST With Yourself! (PERSONAL)

This afternoon I spent some Me Time: I watched 2 films back-to-back. And for the past 5 hours I’ve profoundly enjoyed myself. But as I walked upstairs this evening, I felt there was a problem. “I rarely ever watch 2 films in a row…But I feel like if I stayed on the living room couch I’d probably have watched 2 more!” I thought to myself: this isn’t normal for me. Something is not right…🤔

What I mean is that in all of 2018 I’ve only watched a FEW films total, something that is very out of the ordinary for me. But even with a part of my mind saying to me: “You stayed productive, you’ve worked hard”, I still felt bothered. I wasn’t agreeing with my rational mind! As I thought more about it and as I typed this Facebook post, the realizations in me went far deeper…⬇️

As I reflect back on 2018, there’s a lot I set out to do and achieve. I’ll share with you all that in a separate status in the coming week. But I know I’ve achieved a lot that I’m very proud of. I’m so grateful for it all, and I know 2019 will be even greater! That’s all fine and good, I don’t doubt any of that. 👍

But this evening I was still definitely bothered! After some thinking though, I knew why very clearly. It wasn’t rocket science, but had always been swimming underneath the surface in my thoughts. But before I even share with you all what that is, I expect some people who will be reading this post are going to disagree with me here. And that’s fine of course! There are many big entrepreneurial leaders who will say what I did these past 5 hours was: “a complete waste of time”, “unproductive”, and “worthless”. 👊

But I’m going to draw a line here though with their sentiments. Have you ever had a hobby that made you feel fulfilled every time you engaged in it? Regardless of “being profitable”, is there something you love to do that simply “lights you up”? Confession: That’s me with my relationship with art, especially film. 🎥

I have a very soft spot in my heart for films for as long as I can remember. As a teenager I wanted to become a filmmaker. In fact, I almost went to college for a Film degree, but I went for a “profitable” IT degree instead! Regardless, I’ve always loved how films could be used as a form of art, to take an audience to new worlds, to assist people in experiencing emotions they won’t feel in their everyday lives. I also see it in many ways as a form a spiritual communication. I have another confession: I’ve made short art films myself! 😲

So in my heart there’s always been in Artist in me. It’s not just film either. I also love photography, how an image can say a thousand words. I love the abstraction of paintings like Jackson Pollock. The only difference now is any art I express these days is more often reflected in my writings here on Facebook, like the one you’re reading now. It’s why I will so often tweak and enhance my posts online, to produce the greatest impact for an audience to not just read but also experience. I’m all about details because I find that’s where the biggest impacts are made: in those little nuances. It’s the little nuances in the power of music that posts like these come to my mind. I’ve never written a post like this without some form of nuance from a film or a piece of music sparking it! Paradoxically, doing a passive activity becomes an active one in my mind! 👨‍🎨

What hit me this evening was how much I’ve willingly cut off watching movies this past year, something that really fulfills me, all in the name of embracing echoes from other leaders: “it is unproductive”, “a waste of time”, “it’s procrastination” “stop being lazy”. I declared to myself at the beginning of 2018: “If IT doesn’t benefit my long-term future, IT no longer matters in my life.” 💬

But now I’m saying I was wrong. I believe now I spoke too definitively on that statement. Film does matter to me. Creating art through many mediums does matter to me. As someone who used to watch many films every year, I’ve watched only a few this entire year! Some people may want to tell me: “That’s a great job! You kept busy! Keep up the hustle!” But there’s a big part of me now that more powerfully is saying: “You’ve deprived a part of yourself, Donald. It’s why you’d sit down this evening and watch 6 more films! You’ve tried to suppress a part of you that you didn’t need to ‘get rid of.’ It’s time to reclaim that part back into your life!” ❤️

I share this with you all this evening because these are lessons I’m still learning myself. Sometimes these lessons repeat themselves because I haven’t fully got them nailed down yet! My hope is for those of you who read this or who are going on similar journeys to remember the things I’m saying for your own references:

📌 Every famous entrepreneur has a formula for “success”. It doesn’t mean it has to be yours or will always suit you best.
📌 Hold onto things that fulfill you. Achievements are great, but fulfillment is your long-term happiness. Fulfillment is what makes your life worth living.
📌 Take time for You. Don’t neglect You because You are your first line of defense for Self-Care!
📌 Be in touch with your inner voice. Don’t lose yourself in the Game of Molding to be someone you’re not.

As 2019 approaches, I’ve gained some new lessons I’ll be applying far more in this coming year. Do something today your future self will thank you for. ❤️ #TranscendLabels

*Current Song: “God Moving Over the Face of the Waters” by Moby*



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