Why Comparing Yourself is TOXIC! (PERSONAL)


Would you believe I’ve compared myself to others before? 😱 Yes, me: the guy who also talks about embracing one’s individuality! And yet here I am now telling you this, confessing to you all I’ve also been guilty of doing this. 🤫

It’s funny because I’ve heard the same advice many times before: Don’t compare yourself to others! Don’t compare yourself to others! Don’t compare yourself to others! At this point I should’ve had it nailed in my head, right? It certainly has been filed away in my memory safe and sound. 👍 Yet there were still moments in 2018 I found myself looking at other people’s content on social media, not to learn their techniques, but to see how I was in comparison to them. 👥

I created a self-defeating game in my head. I was offering the inner Competitor in me temporary feelings of superiority. 😈 Yet each time was never “enough” for him. And as much as a part of me told him I was only going to other people’s content for suggestions, there were definitely moments he took ownership of the situation when I should not have let him. 👎

So yes: Don’t compare yourself to other people. I already “knew” this lesson to be true, yet I still found myself doing it. Of course I take responsibility for my actions, but I want to share with you all why it happened. 🤔

📌 We can “know” something, but not be applying it in our lives. 📌

How much of what we “know” do we actually apply in our lives?We “know” eating vegetables would be healthier for our bodies, right? We “know” exercise would help with losing weight, right? We “know” the Golden Rule is: “Treat others the way we want to be treated”. But how many of us make an active focus to apply these principles into our everyday lives? 😲

So why did I write this post? Self-condemnation? Self-pity? Not at all! I write this to remind you all that I, like you, am also human. I am not perfect, and I will never claim to me. It’s not an excuse; it’s a recognition of my own human frailty. ❤️ And with that awareness comes the lesson we can learn from. As the saying goes: “It happens to the best of us.” 🗣

I want you to know that even I, Donald Arteaga, have made this mistake before. ✔️ There are many online influencers who play the “flawless” card. But I choose to play a different hand. ♠️ #TranscendLabels



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