Why We SHOULDN’T Throw Out the Baby…!

For those who knew me a few years ago, I’m not the exact same person I was then. I’ve grown a ton and experienced many personal transformations: from my weight loss to my intellectual development to my entrepreneurial aspirations. 💪
Perhaps it’s cliche at this point to be saying this online, but this is truly only the beginning! …Okay, it felt cliche typing that! 😂 Either way, I appreciate all the current readers I have! ❤️
With this quick growth has also come valuable lessons I’m continuing to take into 2019. I discussed an example in an earlier Facebook post of mine (https://bit.ly/2VkwsPG). But I want to expand on this lesson today. I’m talking about: throwing out the baby with the bathwater. 😲
And since this is the internet where things can be misinterpreted and taken out of context, I do want to clarify here: ‘Throw out the baby with the bathwater’ is a figure of speech. It is not meant to be taken literally! 😊
Anyways, what does the phrase mean? It means to get rid of the good while attempting to eliminate the bad. Within the bad there are also some forms of good that can be extracted from it. Take the example of a broken car: just because it’s broken does not mean every part inside it is too. There may be working parts inside that will still be good to use in a working car instead. 🚗
In our society, we ‘throw out the baby with the bathwater’ a lot, more than you think. It’s the reason why so many people are divided whether its between political parties, religions, peer groups, etc. It’s the reason why so many can be closed off to public discourse. In the means of trying to do what one believes is ‘right’, one forgets there may be validity to another person’s point of view. It doesn’t mean there’s 100% validity, but there is in at least some parts of it. 🤔
Just like the broken car, we wouldn’t just assume all the parts of an opposing viewpoint were broken, would we…or would we? 🤷‍♂️
I’ve fallen into this trap before myself. It’s easy to stay attached to one’s own personal beliefs because they give a sense of order to our lives. Beliefs give us security. Beliefs provide us answers to life’s unanswered questions. Beliefs give us absolute truth where we don’t have an absolute. 😪
To question whether we could in fact be “wrong” with what we believe challenges our own self-identity. So it’s important for me to add: It’s absolutely understandable why people would feel this way towards an opposing viewpoints. But at the root of that feeling, that refusal to hear someone else’s perspective, that dismissal with a label place on top of their words, is nonetheless fear. 😖
In order for this to change:
📌 We need to be open to accepting the fact there are other points of view in the world outside our own.
📌 We need to be okay with being ‘wrong’.
📌 We need to develop more empathy.
📌 We need to remember our beliefs are not even our own. That’s right, we don’t own our beliefs! Think about it: Beliefs are opinions and viewpoints on life you have picked up over time and embraced as part of your self-identity.
📌 We need to remind ourselves that we’re all human beings on this planet. We all eventually die, not to sound nihilistic but to say the resentment we hold towards others right now is not going to matter forever.
Because when we dismiss someone and their beliefs, we also “throw out the baby with the bathwater”. We throw out the human with their beliefs. 😔
So what we can all do the next time we’re communicating with another person:
📍 We can remember that we all come from different walks of life, and we all have reasons for believing what we believe.
📍 Empathize. Place yourself in the other person’s shoes.
📍 Seek to understand why the other person believes what they believe. It’s important to remember this does not mean you have to agree with them, but you can at the very least understand why they believe what they do.
As I like to remind everyone, I’m also only human. I sometimes slip up myself and let my beliefs get in the way too. But with these solutions in mine and your mind, only then will we start to make greater progress forward with each other. ❤️ #TranscendLabels



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