Why You SHOULD Be Offended! 😲


This current trend of “being offended” is a symptom of a much greater root problem: mental health, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. 👍

Anyone can be offended, including myself. It’s a normal response to environmental stimuli perceived to be threatening. 👀

The problem is when the amount of stimuli one gets offended by stacks, what first begins as small, mild fears become magnified into long-term habits of avoidance and aversion. The problem is, as psychologist Carl Jung put it: “Whatever you resist persists and grows larger in size.” 💬

There’s a form of behavioral therapy used to treat anxiety disorders known as exposure therapy. What happens is a patient is gradually exposed to the sources of their anxiety, let’s say an elevator as an example. Little by little, day by day, the patient will take another step closer toward the elevator until they finally have stepped inside. With repeated exposure, a person’s fears will dissolve and what they once felt was so scary disintegrates. 😅

🌟 It’s a paradox about fear: the way out of fear is to first go into it. You allow yourself to experience the short-term fears for the long-term fearlessness. 🌟

That is why it’s so important as we continue to grow and mature that we open ourselves up to things that make us feel uncomfortable or frighten us, including the things that “offend” us. Otherwise it will only get bigger over time. 🙌

Instead of always seeing our “triggers” as a sign something outside us needs to change, let’s be willing to acknowledge what we’re feeling and introspect as to why. 💗

And what I’m telling you isn’t hyperbole; I’ve used this myself for my own personal growth. When I “feel offended” I’ve had to ask myself: “Why?I find the roots of the triggers so I can continue working on them instead of avoiding them. 😊

I eventually reached a point in my life where I realized “being offended” was never going to make me happy in the long-term and in fact would cause me more pain than I ever wanted. I realized that the world is filled with uncertainty, that life is constantly changing, and that it was self-defeating of me to expect others to change for my own feelings of safety and security.

💥 I realized I had to take far more responsibility for my life if I was ever going to help myself. 💥

It’s not to say everything is my responsibility or that I control everything that happens in my life. It’s to say that no matter what happens I will choose how I respond to them. Even if I wanted to complain or let the things I’m afraid of control my life, the path I’m currently on doesn’t give me much choice but to move forward in spite of it. I’ve cut the strings where I have no choice but to be more self-reliant. A lot of people still have those strings, so it’s not as easy for them to learn this lesson. 🤔

To repeat, this current trend of “being offended” being newsworthy is a symptom of a much greater root problem: mental health, emotional intelligence, and self-awareness. 👍

We must take control of our emotions or they will control us. It doesn’t mean to suppress our emotions but rather accept what we’re feeling and THEN choose our response. That’s where people slip up: when they say “Suck it up” to another person. The detail they miss is the other person needs to be first be accepting of what they’re feeling before they can actually change it. Otherwise it becomes a form of suppression. 😫

One doesn’t tell a person who is grieving to simply “Suck it up“. It’s understood the other person has to process their emotions before eventually coming to a point of acceptance to move forward. 🛣️

👐 I’d love to plant the seed in this post that our emotions aren’t perfect, but that we can use them in a very effective and constructive manner. 👐

By no means am I saying I’m perfect or that I’ve 100% mastered this skill. It’s always an ongoing development. I’m simply sharing what’s served me so generously in the hopes it may serve you too. ❤️



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