Why Being Positive is Not ‘FAKE’!

There’s an idea that has spread in the world that being positive is the same as being naive or ignorant. It’s not true. ✖️

I use to think the same thing myself. I would think people who were so positive were just not ‘realistic’ about life. There are so many bad things that happen in the world, these people would have to be naive to be so positive, right?! They must not have gone through hardships in their life like others have, right?! 😠

But I found out I was wrong. I found out I was in fact the person being naive for making this very assumption. ❎

I also became the positive person I’m referring to you all right now! The jokes on me now, right?! 😂

🌟 Being positive is not about being ‘fake’. It’s about making an active effort to not let one’s negative emotions dictate their reality. 🌟

Being positive is a habit that can be developed. I can assure you all I wasn’t like this on Day 1! You can develop this habit too if you want to! 😄

Yes, there are bad things that happen in the world. Yes, bad things also happen to good people too. I could certainly give you a list of all the negative experiences I’ve personally gone through that I wouldn’t wish upon anyone. 👍

But what’s the point? It’s in the past, and that’s not where I’m headed! 🙌

The question I keep coming back to instead is: 🤔”…Now what am I going to do about it?” 🤔

Author Stephen Covey said it best in his Habit of Being Proactive. ‘Proactive people carry their own weather with them.‘ What weather will you decide to carry with you on a daily basis? ☁️

I’ve decided to carry a Sun with me wherever I go. I am positive, on purpose, not by accident.

You can too! Join me! 🌞



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