How Others Help Us Understand OURSEVLES!

Ever met someone you just couldn’t get along with? 🤔

Say you’re introduced to a new person. But just as you get to know then, something about them “rubs you the wrong way”, and you don’t like them. 👎

Ever had that feeling before? 👐

There was once an online acquaintance I had. I couldn’t put my finger on it, but for some reason I just didn’t enjoy talking to him. From my perspective, my ego was saying he was “overconfident” and “cocky”. 🗣️

I felt this person was not someone I could see myself getting along with for the long-term. 👍

But there’s also the quote: “Every problem introduces a person to himself.

At first it bothered me that I didn’t understand why I disliked him. But then I thought about it in a new way:

🌟 “What does my dislike for this person say about ME?” 🌟

After further thinking, I discovered this key nugget: He wasn’t actually “overconfident” or “cocky”. That was just an interpretation I had of his behavior. 🙌

There were many others that didn’t see his words or actions at all like I did! 😲

⚠️ In fact, what I was rejecting about him were the very things I was rejecting within myself. ⚠️

I have had fears in the past of my content online coming off as “overconfident” and “cocky”. In psychology, the term is called projection: I unconsciously attributed the things I didn’t want to be seen as within myself and claimed they were outside of me, in another person instead! 😲

THIS is why self awareness is so important! 🙌

The more you become aware of yourself and how you function, the better you can help others who are in similar situations.

So, the next time you feel the need to criticize another person, flip the criticism back at you. It doesn’t mean you’re automatically wrong, but it means that the things you tend to judge most about others may be the very parts of yourself you fail to acknowledge. ❤️







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