Why You Should See ME as YOU!

As we continue to meet new people, explore the world, and seek to find ourselves, let’s keep in mind: every person we meet is a human being. 👤

They each have emotions. Beliefs. Values. Ideas. Just like I do.

They each have reasons for why they do what they do. Just like I do.

And they sometimes don’t know why they do what they do. Just like I do. 🙋♂️

It’s not to say we’re 100% equal on every level. Part of the beauty of this life is in experiencing our uniqueness: our histories, our cultures, our skills, our knowledge, and our stories. 📖

🌟 If we were all 100% equal in every single way, life would get boring very fast! 🌟

Every person has the potential to teach us something. Think of it like this: not a single person on this Earth has ever lived the exact same life as another human being. So no one is 100% exactly the same! 😲

So the next time we communicate with someone, let’s remember this fact. What would happen if we went into every new conversation with this fact in mind? 🧠



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