Who Your Most IMPORTANT Valentine Is! (PERSONAL)

❤️ Happy Valentine’s Day!!! ❤️

Wishing you all a day filled with love and fulfillment! What does this holiday mean to you?

💓 A time to share love with the people in your life?

💘 A day to spend time with your significant other?

💔 A holiday to remind you of the fact you’re “still single” and really need to be in a relationship?

If your answer is #3, this message is for you. For all my single friends out there, me being a single man myself: I encourage you today not to fret. 😁

What if I told you I’ve never been in a relationship? 😱


When I was in high school, I can assure you I definitely searched for one. And not just in school; I was on all the latest dating sites and apps: Plenty of Fish, OkCupid, etc. I had it all covered! 😎

Why did I want a relationship so bad?! I honestly didn’t really know…other than I just simply “wanted” to be in a relationship. 🤷‍♂️

🌟 We’re often taught that if we’re in a relationship, we’ll be happier. That’s not necessarily true. 🌟

It’s understandable why we believe this idea: We tend to see only the positive moments in a couple’s relationship, on display in our social lives for all to see. We typically don’t hear about the negative or challenging moments that happen in relationships, what can go on behind-the-scenes. 👍

So as a naive teenager, why wouldn’t I want to be in a relationship where things seems to be nothing but smooth sailing?! Sounds like fun! 😍

But it was around 2 years ago that I actually made a big change in my perspective regarding relationships. In fact, all those dates sites, I uninstalled and deleted all my accounts off of them! 😲


Of all the countless hours I spent on these sites, I had finally become drained of my willingness to keep searching for a significant other. If I could take the ratio of time I spent browsing to the amount of time I actually spent talking with someone, it would be like 500 to 1! 😓

Ultimately, my excessive searching was a timewaster! And the funniest part of it all: I made myself feel worse every time I got off the sites! 😥

⚠️ With this bad habit, I reinforced to myself: “No one wants to talk to me. I feel even lonelier now than I did before!” ⚠️

…And then holidays like Valentine’s Day came around each year. They further reinforced my own self-pity for not being in a relationship. It sucked! 😫

So you may be asking: what was the “final straw” for me? Well I came to greater realizations about why I “wanted” to be in a relationship in the first place:

⚠️ I believed being in a relationship was the answer to make me happier. ⚠️

⚠️ I believed that by being in a relationship, I could seek validation from others. ⚠️

⚠️ I believed that if I was in a relationship, I could hoping someone would fill the void I felt inside me. ⚠️

🚨 My intentions for wanting to be in a relationship was more selfish than selfless. My intention were less about “We” but about “Me”. 🚨

So in sharing my story with you all here, I hope you see that sometimes what we’re looking for is in fact closer to home than we think. 🏠

🌟 Don’t forget to develop a relationship with Yourself. 🌟

So today let’s not fret! We shall remember:

❤️ Relationships are not all sunshine and rainbows. We often don’t see what goes on behind-the-scenes, the commitment that’s required, or the negative moments that happen in one.

❤️ Inner happiness and fulfillment has to come from you first. Fill up your cup so you can easily share the rest with a future lover. If you can’t love yourself first, you can’t expect it to come from others because you’ll be waiting forever…

❤️ Self-love is one of the greatest gifts you can give. The only person you’re with 100% of your life…is Yourself. Be comfortable in your own company.

❤️ Today is an opportunity for you to change your perspective on relationships. They are not a means to an end, and not being in one does not mean you are not loved.

Make today a day for you to give love in whatever way you know best! For me, this is one of them! 😁 #TranscendLabels

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