How to Give When You “CAN’T”! (PERSONAL)

Written January 26, 2019

🌟 Give, even when you think you can’t.

What do you do when you get fearful?

For many of us, we tend to fall back into old habits, old patterns, old forms of security, even when they no longer serve us in the present moment.

For a temporary period of emotion, we regress. 🔙

For a lot of 2018, I admit there wasn’t a single day I didn’t have a financial stress cross my mind. I don’t say it for pity; I say it to be honest. 🗣️

It’s hard for me to admit it, but I also hold my brand to be more authentic online than the ones who act like someone they’re not. 👍

I’m not broke or poor (although the numbers are lower). But it’s the lack of an uncertain future or what I fully want to create where fear has gained access to my emotional home to focus on the wrong things. 😨

There are definitely even moments of fear as I’ve made it a goal this year to travel every single month to serve somewhere and learn in some way. 🌎

I’m so grateful I have the opportunity to help Crew another Tony Robbins event, to learn and to grow once again. While I know there is some naivety in creating this goal, I also embrace the faith in continuing to give, even when I don’t think I can, that some how some way it will pay off. I believe in Karma. 💫

How that will be I don’t know. But I simply believe, in all it’s naivety, and let whatever happens happens. Again, perhaps it is indeed for nothing. But also perhaps something will indeed happen with my current focuses. 🤷♂️

Whatever happens…I know I let myself live. I let myself feel alive. I did what I wanted to do fully. I made my life worth living. Remembering that overtakes any temporary fear I have. Remembering that makes me cry. How could one live a life more fully than that? To use the Greek word from Aristotle: Eudaimonia! ❤️

Regardless of how many times I’ve heard Tony’s content and quotes, I want to extend a quote that continues to resonate with me on my journey of personal growth: “Repetition is the mother of skill.” 💬

The learning never stops, just as your potential for growth never stops. Thus, I continue on into the Uncertainty, to embrace every moment! 💪








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