Why You Should “Keep SMILING”!

Don’t have a reason to smile? When we feel like crap, we don’t need a reason! 😉

Ever heard the phrase: “Fake it until you make it“? There’s a lot of truth to that! 👍

When I was in elementary school, I was a kid with a vivid imagination. The playground at recess was a world of my creation! 🤸

It was during the times I spent alone that I would imagine myself playing different movie characters, different scenarios, and different outcomes. One character in particular I loved playing was the action hero John McClane from the Die Hard movies. 💥

(Yes, I was probably a bit young to have watched those films at the time! 😝)

Nevertheless, I loved playing movie characters like him: he was laid-back, confident, tough, strong, and pushed forward through the worst of situations! 💪

For the short times I had at recess I could become a different person, someone you wouldn’t recognize when I went back into the classroom. And I had fun every time I did it! It was mostly all in my head; the playground was merely the props! ❤️

So, in essence, the phrase “Fake it until you make it” is saying the same thing! I was using this principle on the playground and I didn’t even know I was at the time! 😂

🌟 Become the character you wish to play in your life. 🌟

But that’s being fake, that’s not being authentic Donald! That wasn’t you on the playground; you were just playing a character!” 🗣️

I don’t see it that way. Think of it like this: the fact I had a desire and took pleasure out of playing this person I “wasn’t” in my real life was showing me parts of myself I wasn’t even aware existed! 😅

It was uncovering parts of me which yearned for the spotlight. 💡

It’s not to say we don’t have authentic qualities of ourselves. But it’s to challenge our own limiting beliefs about who we believe we are. If I didn’t enjoy playing the characters I acted out, I’d say it wasn’t part of my authentic self. But the fact is I did! 😲

Perhaps what’s also “authentic” in you is just waiting to be awakened! 🙌

🌟 Don’t use “being authentic” as an excuse to not discover what else you’re capable of becoming. 🌟

I promise you may surprise yourself! 😊



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