Why a Life of MEANING and PURPOSE is Worth Living!

Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.” – Viktor Frankl 🗣

A life filled with purpose and meaning is what drives a person forward. Without either of these, why does a person desire to live? Why does a person then wake up every single morning: to live…or just to maintain? 🤷♂️

I believe these are very important questions we need to ask in a world where mental health continues to be a grave concern. 👍

⚠️ According to the World Health Organization, depression is now the leading cause of mental illness with an estimate 300 MILLION people affected. ⚠️

Because a few years ago I would’ve also been a part of that list. But I’m not anymore. 😲

So what changed, Donald?” 💬

I’ll tell you it definitely wasn’t a quick-fix. As much as I want to tell you that, I’d be lying. We all want a quick-fix, the path of least resistance, the least amount of work for the biggest reward. But it’s really not the case. ❌

🌟 Quick fixes are not how sustainable changes in our lives work. 🌟

Here are the key factors which helped me change my life:

📍 I started doing things I was deeply passionate about, even when they weren’t “realistic“.

📍 I started choosing to see every problem I had as a “gift” I could learn from.

📍 I started challenging my bad habits. I quit drinking soda. I started eating more vegetables and whole foods. I started exercising more. In turn I lost over 80 pounds.

📍 I studied philosophy and saw there’s MANY ways to look at our lives and how we can live them.

📍 I started meditating daily and becoming aware how my thoughts were greatly controlling my life.

📍 I made a habit to always be grateful for something in my life, no matter how little.

It wasn’t a magic pill that “treated” my depression; it was making lifestyle changes that were meaningful and purposeful. ❤️

It wasn’t seeing depression as a biological defect that helped me alleviate its symptoms; it was seeing my emotions as messengers telling me something had to change in my environment. 📬

The status quo isn’t working; otherwise we wouldn’t have so many people still feeling this way. This calls for additional solutions to solve our mental health crisis.

🌟 I’m not saying to get rid of the current menu, but rather we expand on the available options people can become aware of and choose from. 🌟

I’m very grateful I’ve had the opportunity to step outside the norm and go in a different direction the past year. I feel so much happier than I ever used to. 😊

It’s not to say everything is perfect, but that life is much more fulfilling these days. And THAT is a life worth living! 👌

I will also never forget to help others do the same! It gives my life even more meaning! Eudaimonia! ❤️



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