Why We Need WISDOM!

How many advertisements do you see every day? How many pieces of negative news do you come across? How much stress do you have to deal with on a daily basis? 😥

One reason I share my content with you all is for this very reason! 👍

🌟 There are many voices wanting to answer your problems, but fewer showing you how to find your way to the answers. 🌟

I could give you all the answers in the world. But if I don’t show or explain how you can also get to them, you won’t have a foundation to understand and retain them in the long-term. You’d be following my answers blindly, and I wouldn’t want you to do that. 👍

In our desire for simplicity, we’ve become surrounded by a lot of white noise:

📍 Catchy sound bites with little depth

📍 Clickbait articles with few facts

📍 Advertisements that beg one to buy things they don’t need

And I’m not pointing fingers because I’m guilty of it too! I’ve dabbled in this white noise myself! 🙋♂️

⚠️ The problem is when that’s the ONLY noise we’re receiving. ⚠️

🌟 We’re surrounded by a ton of information, yet so little of it is actually useful. 🌟

What’s missing is what we all need more than ever: wisdom. 🙌

👍 The experience of traveling to a new place

👍 The experience of learning about another culture

👍 The experience of facing our fears and stepping outside our comfort zones.

Trust me: you will go a lot further with wisdom than you will with knowledge alone. ❤️



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