Why Problems Are GIFTS!

Things don’t always go the way we want them to. 👍

📍 Someone doesn’t keep their promise to you.

📍 Your car breaks down at the worst possible time.

📍 Just nothing in your day goes as planned.

Life can hit you when you least expect it. And it will hit hard! 💥

So we can complain. We can whine. We can cry. We can feel sorry for ourselves. We can do all of the above! 😤

But…there’s another option! 😲

🌟 When expectations about how our lives “should” be aren’t met we suffer. 🌟

When these moments come, and they surely will, how about we be prepared…🔎

🧠 To remind ourselves these moments are temporary.

🧠 To remind ourselves what we’re feeling is temporary.

🧠 To ask ourselves: “What is the gift I can take from this situation?

Wait wait wait! Problems are NOT gifts! They are problems: painful, annoying, and useless!” 🗣️

But who’s to say problems can’t also be “gifts“? 😉

🌟 What if we could treat every problem we experienced in our lives as a gift, another opportunity for us to grow as individuals? 🌟

It’s easy to get caught up in “the heat of the moment“! I’ve done it myself too. 👍

But the ultimate triumph comes when, even in the most heated of situations, you allow yourself to stop, think, and reconsider your perspective. 💪

Purposefully, you turn what your brain first said was a negative into a positive. 😁

🌟 Take control of your emotions or your emotions will take control of you. 🌟



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