Why Social Media Needs HONESTY!


On Social Media, you can be whoever you want!

💻 By day you can be a Social Media Influencer. By night you’re working 2 jobs to make ends meet.

💻 By day you can be an viral sensation. By night you’re a person who has no idea what to do with their life.

💻 By day you can create angry rant videos. By night you wouldn’t so much as raise your hand to swat a fly.

Online you can be a very different person than who you actually are in reality. Online you’re able to put out only what you want others to see, for better or for worse. 🔎


Like so many, I want to share only the BEST parts of me and my life online. I love to inspire, to encourage people to think deeper, to provide an interesting social media space which others can look at on a daily basis. I share what I believe may make someone else’s day. Overall, my intention is to share what I believe will benefit others. 😊

But, when you look past the branding parts of me: past my modeling photos (like the one here), past my lengthy stories, past my traveling ventures, past my clickbait titles (like the one above)…

✅ I’m still a human being.

✅ I still have problems just like anyone else.

✅ I still play “the Game” to building an online social media presence so my ideas will reach a wider audience.

I’m not here to be “fake“. I’m here to be honest with you. I’m honest with you in that I don’t always share all there is to know about me. I’m honest in that I’m perfectly imperfect, that I’m still figuring things out, and that any online Influencer who acts like they have it all figured out most likely isn’t showing you the full picture. 🖼️

Some say this openness makes me a bad leader to follow. I disagree; I believe a good leader acknowledges his flaws and the limitations of social media without shame. 👍

The problem with many people not seeing this is we’re more inclined to idolize and assume someone online has ALL the answers to our problems. We may blindly follow a person simply because of their online status. 👤

But they don’t know everything, as much as they may portray themselves that way. That goes for me too! I’m telling you to not blindly agree with anything I say either! Question it, think about it, and THEN see if it works for you! 😀

It’s easy to see another person online and place them on a pedestal. The Pedestal Effect happens to all of us. You see someone with 25,000 followers, you see how many Likes they get on their posts, and you see how many comments they get. Hell, I experienced this feeling yesterday! It’s the appeal-to-authority we can all easily fall into: to assume that just because someone’s popular means they must be carrying something extra special. 👤

Or, they may just be a very good Marketer. 🤷‍♂️

Why am I being so honest about this? Because the ones with the most influence are the ones others will be placing the most trust in. And a lot of influencers don’t seem to consider the responsibility they carry among mass amounts of people.

📌 I don’t want to see future generations influenced by someone’s ignorance simply because they’re popular online.

📌 I don’t want to see kids being influenced to believe buying someone else’s merch is the only way to long-term happiness.

📌 I don’t want to see people influenced to believe potentially dangerous advice from individuals who have not weighed the long-term consequences of the things they currently preach.

I don’t say this to dwell on other people. It’s actually part of what drives me to share this information in the first place.

There’s one thing I can GUARANTEE you though: all these Influencers, no matter how high you may place them “above” you, have something they can definitely learn from YOU too, skills that have nothing to do with their social media, marketing, and business. 💯

Every man is in some way my superior, and in that I learn from him.” 😊

Anyways…here’s another modeling photo for the branding again! ❤️



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3 thoughts on “Why Social Media Needs HONESTY!

  1. Thank you so much for your honesty because this is so true! Most of us write how we yearn to be. I also like to write and most times my motivation is for ms though some might think not.

    1. Thanks for sharing! Honesty and authenticity is key. By no means am I perfect either, but it’s always a work in progress to show the human in me online. 🙂

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