How We’re Always CHANGING!

🙌 We are always changing. 🙌

There’s this thought that has been on my mind the past weekend. And let me add: whenever I have a thought I’m really interested in exploring, what starts as a single thought grows into a multi-faceted set of ideas in my head. I take many routes! 🧠

It’s what psychologists refer to as a “flow state“. It’s a state where some of my favorite posts have been written. It’s a state where time stops and I’m mentally swimming in an ocean of ideas. 🌊

Yesterday as I helped load out the last of Tony Robbins’s UPW event materials at the LA Convention Center, I became reminded of the day before where the thought I’m talking about first came to mind…

🌟 Change is a part of life. The question is if we’re consciously choosing to change or if we’re letting our environment choose the change for us. 🌟

…The day before I had briefly met up with a high school friend I hadn’t seen since 2010. We had a really insightful and meaningful conversation. He told me about what he had been doing since high school and, like myself, he had chosen a road less traveled. It was a life which filled him up and not one which the status quo would expect him to choose. 🙌

In a way, I felt like I was talking with him for the first time. I found I had a lot more in common with him now than I did in high school! As we parted ways and I got an Uber, this thought of Change became planted in my focus. 👁

To say he had changed would be only giving partial credit. We both had changed. Grown. Evolved. 👥

I started to think about my other friends from high school, wondering what they may be doing now, what lives they had chosen for themselves, or whether they were letting life choose for them. I thought about the decisions we make as individuals which set the trajectories for where we end up in the long-term. I thought about how the littlest of actions can make for the biggest of impacts in our lives. ❤️

🌟 Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we see, whatever we feel, it all has shaped us into the person we are this very moment. 🌟

So, why am I sharing this all with you? 🤔

It’s because I think about the 15,000 participants who attended this past weekend at Unleash the Power Within. I’m thinking about the participants who have just been given a handful of tools and thinking about what they are going to do with them. 🤔

Will they use them to change their lives for the better? Will they fall right back to their old ways? Will they come back to what they learned at a later point? Each of them has an opportunity to Change. As they say at the event: The biggest growth starts the day after the event, when the choice is now up to you.

With me traveling to LA…with me Crewing another event…with me making new friends…with me seeing my high school friend…with me typing this very post…I am still changing. 🙌

And I did it with purpose. Eudaimonia. ❤️








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