How Giving Back is An ANTIDOTE!

🌟 Find ways to give back to others. 🌟

Now this may sound a bit cheesy or common sense, but common sense isn’t common. Otherwise more of us would be using it! 😉

And not only is giving back “common sense“, it’s a powerful antidote for suffering. Yes, an antidote for suffering! 😲

“How so, Donald?” 🗣️

📍 We gain a new perspective on our own suffering through understanding another’s. We see how our hopes and fears are similar to each others. We realize we’re not alone in experiencing pain.

📍 When we focus on our problems, they tend to magnify in our minds. The less we obsess over our problems, the less significant they are to us.

📍 We forget that problems are a necessary part of life. Because without problems, we wouldn’t have the opportunity to grow as people.

I challenge you to give more back to others, even when you think you can’t. One thing I can assure you on…👂

❤️ There’s never going to be a “perfect time” to do it. ❤️

This weekend I had the privilege to give back and serve at another Tony Robbins’s Unleash the Power Within event for 15,000 participants! Add to that, I’ll also be serving at London’s event too next month! 😄

The progress I’ve made the past few years I give a ton of credit to his work! The least I can do is give back and pay it forward. ❤️ #UPWLA2019







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