Why We Shouldn’t PLEASE Others!

You’re about to meet a group of potential new friends. You know you really to make a great first impression on each of them. In your overthinking on “how” you’re going to impress them, fear sets in. 😨

“I can’t mess this up! I have to make them like me!” 🗣️

The time comes and it doesn’t go like you planned. You spend most of the time nodding and agreeing with these new people. You meet many people you don’t share any common interests with, yet you keep pretending like you do. 👎

By the end, most of the people you met liked you. But yet, you feel like total crap! 😓

Why do we try so hard to please others?

📌 We’re afraid we won’t be accepted for who we are.

📌 We’re insecure with our own sense of self.

📌 We’re afraid of being disliked and rejected.

📌 We want to feel like we belong and believe changing ourselves will help.

I know it’s difficult. We all want to fit in, to be accepted, to feel loved. These are natural human emotions; who doesn’t want that?! 😊

The problem is people pleasing doesn’t benefit either party long-term. The truth will eventually come out. 👍

🌟 People pleasing is a lose-lose situation. You lie to yourself AND to others. 🌟

If you don’t stand for anyone, you stand for no one. So stand for You, who you are as a person and embrace your own personal worth. If someone doesn’t appreciate it, that’s their problem, not yours. 👍

Because the people who have yet to appreciate your worth eventually will. ❤️ #TranscendLabels



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