What is a Life Worth LIVING? (PERSONAL)

Written April 15, 2019


This morning I packed my suitcase as I depart back to Chicago today. It’s been almost 2 weeks I’ve been in the UK, traveling from Scotland all the way to London. To say the least, it’s been a beautiful ride! 🎢

I placed everything back in my suitcase, everything back to where it was on Day 1 when I first packed them. Everything was all back in its place…yet it also wasn’t. 👐

Why? Because I’m not the same person I was when I got here on Day 1. I’ve shifted. Grown. Evolved in the littlest of details. And I will never be the same person again for as long as I live…👤

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where your emotions hit you so hard but it was only after the moment had already passed? 🤔

As I packed my suitcase, the realization hit me I was actually leaving the UK, that 2 weeks had gone by so fast. So this morning I decided to take a moment to sit on my bed and just close my eyes…👀

🌟 Take time to remind yourself how far you’ve come. 🌟

I let my thoughts wander throughout the past 2 weeks, and I quickly became overwhelmed with tears. As I wrapped my arms around myself, the tears turned into streams. My mouth slowly gaped open. My head tilted upward to the heavens. And for the moment, my whole heart laid bare. 😭

The places…the people…the moments…the emotions…most of all the experiences. In my mind, they all became compiled into One, sealing into my conscience for the rest of my life. I take this all with me now as I head home, and I’ll take it with me wherever I go. ❤️

What is a life worth living?

👐 It’s one you’ve created for yourself, one you’ve decided on your own terms.

👐 It’s one which lights up your heart wherever you are, wherever you go, one you can say you’re grateful to be living.

👐 It’s one where you can peacefully say at the end of every day: “If I died tomorrow, I’ve lived a full life to completely embrace it.”

This is the life I’m choosing to live, one where the heart keeps filling and the tears keep coming. So until we meet again UK, I love you! ❤️ #EudaimonicLife



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