Why a Table NEEDS its Legs!


A life filled with meaning and purpose is a life worth living.” I’ve said this before, and I will continue to say it often. I’ve found this principle to be essential in how I choose to live my life! 😊

🗣 “But what is ‘meaning’, Donald?! You mention it, but it’s still vague to me what you mean!” 🗣

That’s a great question! I can say to live a meaningful life all I want, but how does that help you if I can’t explain what it is?! After all, it was Einstein who said: “If you can’t explain it simply, you don’t understand it well enough.” ✍️

So, I want you to think about Meaning in this way: think of a Table. A Table has 2 primary parts: the top and its legs. Think of the top as an Idea and its legs as the Meanings which hold up the Idea. 👐

In our minds, we have a plethora of mental Tables around various Ideas:

📍 Meaning is the judgments we make about a group of people (Idea).

📍 Meaning is the reasons behind the beliefs we carry (Idea).

📍 Meaning is the motivations behind the goals we pursue (Idea).

📍 Meaning is the Whys behind the actions we make (Idea).

To put it simply, Meaning is always what’s underneath the surface! Yes, pun intended! 😂

Have you ever heard someone say an opinion, you ask them why, but their answer is: “Because it is…”?

🌟 The problem is many of us aren’t aware of the Meanings which hold up our Tables! 🌟

And while it’s possible we aren’t aware of the Meanings, it’s also possible we have very few Meanings in the first place. In other words, there may in fact be very few Legs actually holding up our Tables! 😱

What if I told you we are creating Meanings ALL THE TIME, consciously and unconsciously? It’s the reason why a group of people can have completely different perspectives around the same situation. 🙌

SITUATION: Four people get into their individual cars, but they won’t start. 🚗

👤 PERSON 1: “It’s the car! There must be something wrong with the car.”

👤 PERSON 2: “It’s a divine sign! I shouldn’t be driving today anyways.”

👤 PERSON 3: “It’s no big deal! I’ll try starting the car later.”

👤 PERSON 4: “It’s my fault! I should’ve gone to the mechanic months ago.”

Each thing they said was a Meaning they created out of the situation! For you, is life a beach? A chore? An adventure? Meaningless? Those are also all Meanings! You can’t escape creating them, can you?! 😂

It’s why introspection into our mental lives is so important, so we all can dive deeper into our psyches to better understand ourselves, to know why we do what we do, to know what Legs are holding up our Tables. 😊

🌟 When you identify the Legs underneath your Tables, you can replace the Legs which no longer serve you. 🌟

I challenge you today to take a look at one of your Tables and find out what Legs are holding them up. To keep it simple, think of a belief you hold. That belief is your Idea! 😃

Now, go to the Legs and figure out what’s there! Ask yourself:

🤔 How did these Legs come to be underneath my Table? Did I put them there? Did my environment place them there?

🤔 What Legs are no longer serving this Table? Can I replace some of these Legs with stronger, higher-quality ones?

🤔 Going further, is this Table even useful for me anymore? Is it a Table worth holding onto? Or is it holding me back in my life?

I hope I was able to convey this abstract concept to you all clearly! So, when I say “a life filled with meaning”, I mean a life where you are aware and in control of all your Meanings! 💪

Let’s all be the Creator of Meaning! This shirt represents the life I’m living today, a reminder that I’m the Meaning-Creator of Me, Donald Arteaga! Will you join me?! ❤️



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