How We Should CHOOSE Our Role Models!

Who are some of your role models? Are there any specific celebrities you look up to? Why do you look up to them? 🤔

As a child, I had many celebrities I idolized. It wasn’t because they were the ideal people to choose as role models. I admired them for their looks, their talents, the films they were in, the songs they sung, etc. 🎬

I knew very little about them, yet I simultaneously had a desire to be like them…or who I believed they would be if I met them in person. 👤

🌟 No one is perfect, not even the people we idolize. 🌟

But there may come a time where you hear about the person you use to idolize, hear about something they did, and it changes your entire perspective on them. You wonder why you idolized them in the first place. You’re left feeling disappointed. 😨

It’s important we remember that even the people we consider “gurus” are nevertheless human beings, one capable of flaws and mistakes, ones who may not always live up to our expectations.

🌟 When we place anyone on a Pedestal of Perfection, we’re always going to be disappointed. 🌟

This goes for anyone. Even me! I’m not perfect, and I will never claim to be. I simply share what serves me and what I believe will greatly serve others. I can definitely be wrong. I have definitely made mistakes. 👍

Any “Social Media Influencer” who pretends otherwise is being dishonest. They’re also human beings too, but they present you with an unrealistic goal of perfection you can never reach. Is that a role model you really want to have? 👎

So how should we find our role models?

📍 Find individuals who challenge us, not just reaffirm what we already believe.

📍 Find individuals who continue to grow themselves as people, ones who also continue to better themselves each daym

📍 Find individuals you can appreciate more for what’s on the inside (intellect, heart) than the outside (looks, fame).








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