Why It’s IMPORTANT To Empathize!

Do you believe you’re always right? Do you make room to hear other people’s perspectives? Are you open to people that disagree with you? 🤔

🌟 No one sees the world 100% exactly the same. 🌟

Think about 2 people who attend a music concert. They both experience the exact same concert, hear the exact same music, but yet they both came away with separate opinions. ↔️

PERSON 1: “That concert was AMAZING!” 😄

PERSON 2: “That concert was CRAP!” 🤬

How does that happen? Who was right?! 🤔

A lot of opinions we hold are just that…opinions. We feel certain ways towards certain things. It’s not to say either person is right or wrong, but it’s a friendly reminder we each have different reasons for why we carry our opinions. 🙌

PERSON 1: “They’re my favorite band, and they performed just as AMAZING as I hoped!” 😄

PERSON 2: “I had a feeling this band was CRAP! My friend even told me not to come!” 🤬

Do you see now what influenced their differing opinions? 👍

That’s why it’s important we develop the skill of empathy:

📌 So we can step into other people’s shoes.

📌 So it can challenge how we perceive a certain situation.

📌 So we remind ourselves we all have reasons why we do the things we do.



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