A week ago someone sent me this video: “YOU’RE IN THIS!” Sure enough there I was, front and center in the audience! 🔎

But what was I doing facing the audience?! Why did I seem so disinterested?! 😑 That’s absolutely NOT Me at Tony Robbins events! 👍

Well for 1 day, being a Floor Captain at UPW London last month, I decided to take it upon myself an additional job duty! 😲

If you look closely, I was a part of a wall of Crew and Trainers bordering the stage. We were the Wall of Protection for Tony from raving fans eager to get too close! 🧱

For the first time at a UPW event, I had dropped my huge smile and zest 😄 and for a few hours, it was replaced with a direct, protection-focused demeanor 🛡️. Even if it was only a few hours, it sure as hell was fun unmasking a part of myself I don’t typically use at events! 🎭

And then MY BACK BECAME NUMB! Don’t worry, it wasn’t serious. 😊 But if you’ve ever been to a Tony event, you know Tony likes the room FREEZING COLD! ❄️ You’ll see in the video people are definitely not wearing any summer gear! 😂

No, my back was not numb because some injury. It was numb because my back was DIRECTLY IN FRONT of the A/C vents blasting cold air into the room! 😂

It soon became a challenge to focus not only on my Security demeanor, but also continuing to let go of the thoughts in my head which were screaming: “IT’S SOOO COLD! COLD! COLD! COLD! AHHHH!” 😅

But long story short, it all worked out fine, as it always has! 😊 And when I see this video now, I’m brought back to that moment in time. Around 40 seconds into the video, Tony reaches out to the audience in front of us. I can tell you: the room (including the person holding the video camera) SHIFTED!

My emotions were a mix between scary and exhilarating as the crowd pushed us inches backwards. I couldn’t help but laugh afterwards as Tony left the stage for the evening! 😂

I use to tell myself: “I’m an Introvert.” “I’m an Empath.” 🗣️ But over time, it was easy for me to see I was using these statements less as explanations and more as excuses to not step outside my comfort zones. 👣 I NEVER would have been able to do something like this if I kept living with the story in my head: “THIS is who I am. It is what it is. I can’t change that.” 🗣️

I encourage you all to keep challenging yourselves. Whatever you believe you are capable of right now, I can assure you: there’s always more! And it’s not to say I’m not introverted or empathetic at times either; it’s to say that’s not ALL I will limit myself to being! ❤️

Allow yourself to open a new door, just like I did here! 🚪 COMMENT “Yes!” if you’re with me! 🙏



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