Why You Should EMBRACE Personal Growth!

Why do I embrace personal growth? And why should you consider it? 🤔

It may surprise you, but I won’t say you “have” to do anything. I’m just one guy on social media sharing what’s served me and what I see serves others too. 🙌

This is a path I’ve chosen for myself. It’s one I personally believe that if others took it too it would greatly enrich their lives. 😄

But again, I’m not here to make you do anything. I’m not here to speak in absolutes like I have every answer. Sure, I may speak like that at times, but I want to remind you that you can take and leave as much as you want from as my posts as you’d like! 👍

🌟 If you want to work on yourself, do it for You, not for me or anyone else. 🌟

So why do I work on myself? Why do I make the daily effort to become a better person? 🤔

Let me put it this way: it’s less about Me and more about We. 👥

When I work on myself, it will reflect in my future behaviors and actions toward others. When I allow myself to become a better person, I in turn allow others to become better people themselves. It’s a ripple effect that starts, first and foremost, with me. 🙌

To put it another way: the personal growth we don’t do for ourselves now, the destructive patterns of behavior we don’t address now, will be passed on to others to deal with. I’m not willing to place that burden onto those I care about most. 👎

🌟 Personal growth is not about becoming flawless; it’s about always seeking to become your best self. 🌟

I believe the better I am for myself, the better I will be for others. And if we all as a society decided to make such commitments, imagine how different our society would be! 😲

Alas, personal growth is a lifelong journey. And a lot of people are not willing to make such a lifelong commitment. But you can be one of the few that do. And if you won’t do it for yourself, think of the people you will be able to impact just by doing it. ❤️



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