Why We Stay With BAD Company!

Why do we spend time with people who make us miserable? Why do we continue surrounding ourselves with others who will bring out the worst in us? 🤔

One reason is it feels better to be with some sort of company than with none at all. Even if our company treats us horribly, Fear deducts it’s safer to be with them and feel sad than to be completely alone and feel sad. 😔

To let go of any company requires us to go outside, into unknown territory. The fear of the unknown can be most paralyzing. I’ve felt it at times myself! 👍

🌟 Our fear to let go of something can outweigh our fear of holding onto it. Whatever we fear less of we will go towards. 🌟

It’s also in our evolution as human beings. We are social beings. It benefitted our ancestors’ survival to form bonds and groups. It was better to be a part of a tribe than alone in the wilderness to fend for oneself. 👍

But here’s the Good News: in our modern day civilization, we have more opportunities than ever to seek people and peer groups which better serve us! 😄

📍 Surround yourself with people who empower you, not put you down.

📍 Spend time with others you wish to emulate and become.

📍 Give yourself permission to have MORE than one peer group.



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