Why You Should STEP Outside Yourself!

Have you ever watched a movie and seen an actor play a character which simply astounded you?! 😲

You watched the actor on screen, and you were struck by how real the actor portrayed the character. You were taken in by the character’s struggle, their pain, and you cried when they cried. Deep down a part of you remembered it was just a movie, but for a moment in time you chose to see this actor as nobody else but this character. 👏

How do these actors pull it off?! How do they bring these characters to life in such a way?! 🤔

I’m not an actor by trade, but I did have some acting roles back in school. And what I learned not only applies to acting, but also to how we can better understand others. 👥

🌟 To understand others requires you to step outside yourself. 🌟

To better understand others:

📍 We need to acknowledge our common humanity, an understanding that we’re all here on this planet together, each of us doing the best we can.

📍 We need to know what motivates people to do what they do. What drives a person to take certain actions? Everyone has different reasons.

📍 Perhaps most important, you need to understand yourself. The better you understand yourself, what drives you, your habits, your own self-awareness, the better you understand others.



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