How to KEEP Your Inner Power!


A few days ago I had a VERY interesting morning! 😅

I woke up like any regular weekday. I took my regular vitamins. 💊 I drank my regular smoothie. I did my regular meditation. 🧘♀️ I did my regular stretching. And then I got to work! 👊

Sounds good, right?! Pretty much it was a regular start to the day. 👍

45 minutes have passed on the computer and I’m “in the zone”: I’m writing emails. I’m clickity clicking my mouse. I’m tapping my keyword with my ultra-fast 2 fingers (no shame). I’m in the flow, and I’m getting work done! 😎

So I’m in the middle of typing my next email to a client…and up pops a notification on my screen that I’ve lost my internet connection! My face scrunches with pure confusion. 😖

I look to the Internet router behind my computer; it’s off! I look to the power strip under my desk; it’s off! I head downstairs to the kitchen to check the microwave clock; I’m sure you can guess what I saw…!


It is days like these which snap you out of your comfort zone. It’s days like these where the Unexpected arrives at your emotional home ready to stir the pot and cause some trouble. 🏠

And it is also days like these which remind you how much our modern society relies on electricity to get work done. 💡 There’s a thought in my mind that starts to wonder how our society would function without it! 🤔

But as many thoughts like these start popping into my head, I call the electric company to report the outage. Their automated response tells me it’s affected over 200 homes in the area, and the estimated time of restoration is around 2 hours. ⏲️

😱 2 HOURS!!! 😱

“What am I going to do now?!” 😨

“How am I going to get a hold of my boss?!” 😨

“What if they think I’m lying?!” 😨

“How am I going to get my work done?!” 😨

“Why did this have to happen on a weekday?!” 😨

“How is the power out on a sunny, 70 degree day?!” 😨

These were the new thoughts crossing through my mind now! 🤯

So, what was the first thing I did after I got off the phone? 🤔

A. I dwelled and complained about my situation.

B. I continuously wondered how soon the power would be back on.

C. I created a list in my head of every possible scenario why the power went out.

D. I constantly thought about all the work I wasn’t going to get done with the power off.

E. All of the above.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve welcomed Unexpected into my emotional home many times before, today was thankfully a day none of these options were a choice in my mind! The key difference here: I WELCOMED Unexpected into my emotional home! 🙌


I’ve learned over time to welcome Unexpected with open arms every time he arrives. I’ve accepted Unexpected is going to come whether I want him to or not. 👍 I ‘ve now made it a point to remind myself that the more I try to resist Unexpected’s presence, it hurts no one but myself. 😖

So, what was the ACTUAL first thing I did after I got off the phone? 🤔

I got back on my phone, started blasting some music, and like a child leaping into a puddle I leapt onto my rebounder and jumped like there was no tomorrow! The Grumpy Adult quickly transitioned into a Playful Child! 😄

It’s important we remember there are things within our control and things that are out of our control ↔️:

📌 It is NOT in my control when life doesn’t go exactly the way I want it to. But it is in my control to make the best of whatever circumstances I’m given.

📌 It is NOT in my control that Unexpected arrives at my emotional home whenever he wants to. But it is in my control how I handle Unexpected’s arrival.

📌 It is NOT in my control when the power goes out. But it is in my control how I respond to the power being out.

It’s important we remind ourselves to distinguish these 2 things, to save ourselves from needless suffering. Because with a clear head we all can better focus on solutions! 😁


I decided in that moment Unexpected wasn’t going to screw with my emotional home. He wasn’t going to take over my home; instead he was going to join us along for the party on the rebounder! 🎊

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was worried about how I was going to get a hold of my boss. Now with a clear head, I quickly remembered I had phone internet data to easily send her an email.

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was wondering how the power could’ve possibly gone out. Now with a clear head, I easily dismissed the thought because it wasn’t going to change the power from being off or on.

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was dwelling on all the work I had to still get done. Now with a clear head, I had accepted the current circumstances and started to brainstorm solutions going forward.

On an even brighter note, the power came back on sooner than I was told! 💯

Less than an hour had passed and it was back up and running! No casualties! No worries! And with all that, I got back onto my computer and back to work! 😎

And to think: if I was in the same place I was a few years ago with my personal growth, I may have still been lingering over that kitchen microwave worrying and hoping for a miracle. 👍








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