Why Opinions DON’T Matter!

An opinion is worth a dime a dozen. 💲

Everybody has them, good and bad, and now more than ever in history opinions can be shared instantly! 💻

Think about it: before the internet we didn’t have the privilege to share our opinions as fast and openly as we do now. 💨

If you wanted to write an opinion to a newspaper article, there was no guarantee your comment would even be featured in the newspaper. These days we can easily see them all in online comment sections. 📰

If you wanted to write an inflammatory message to someone, you’d have to get out a pen, paper, envelope, and stamp. You’d have write it, and then drive to the post office to mail it. 📮

The beauty of this was you’d have plenty of time to think twice before you sent a message you may later regret. Online you can send it instantly and never look back. 🖱️

What was once a privilege for us to express so publicly has now become a societal expectation online: “I have a right to my opinion!” ⚖️

Again, opinions aren’t “good” or “bad”. Some are and some aren’t. Some are constructive but many you will find online are mostly destructive. My main point is in how easily we can express opinions today. 🗣️

And I express them too! Read many of my posts and you’ll see I have many, so this is not about pointing fingers! 😂

I’m not blaming social media or the internet either. They are both tools, and depending on who uses them they can be used for good or bad. With every advancement in technology will always comes a new set of problems to consider. This just happens to be one of the problems we’re still figuring out solutions for. 👍

So what is 1 solution to these excessive opinions? Like the beautiful quote says above: Be the example, online and offline. You don’t SAY it; you BE it. 👤

Because most people won’t do that. Because it’s far easier to share an opinion than it is to set an example. 👍

Everyone has an opinion about everything, but fewer will set the example. As Dale Carnegie said: “Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain. And most fools do.” Because setting the example and taking action is what actually changes the world. 🌎



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