Why Your Mind is a GARDEN!

Have you ever found yourself focusing on a situation that was NOT making you happy? 🤔

One negative thought after another, you started to feel more and more crappy. 😡

But, you didn’t think of changing the thoughts in your mind. 😲

There’s a reason Jim Rohn said: “Every day, stand guard at the door of your mind.” 💬

Your mind is like a garden. Whatever seeds you plant they will expand in your daily thoughts. 🎍

What seeds are you planting regularly? Seeds of Problems? Seeds of Solutions? Seeds of Gratitude? Seeds of Anger? 🌱

The problem is when we think we aren’t in control of our minds. We are, just not in the way we might think. 😲

What’s out of our control is the thoughts that cross our minds. But what’s in our control is our choice to attach and respond to these thoughts. You start to realize this when you do practices like meditation. You are more in control that you think. 🧘♂️

🌟 Control your mind or your mind controls you. 🌟



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