This past week I volunteered at the Group Youth Leadership Summit in San Diego, serving over 350 youth, ages 14 to 16, from 31 countries! 😲

From Australia to Malaysia to Kenya, participants came from many different backgrounds, lifestyles, and cultures. 🌎

All from different places, yet we as volunteers came together for a purpose bigger than ourselves: to inspire, liberate, and create breakthroughs for the next generation of leaders! And in the process, many (including myself) experienced breakthroughs of our own! 👣

Sure we may be different: in age, in height, in background. But yet we’re also very much alike. Don’t think so? Society loves to focus on how we’re different, how separate and divided we stand, why we should fear each other and our neighbors. ↔️

But I’ll tell you one thing that unites us all, something that will never be divided: our common humanity. What it means to be human. What it means to love. ❤️

This past week we created an event for future leaders to realize they’re not alone in this world and provide them the space to open up about their deepest hopes and fears. Some don’t have a place at home to be open like this, so it’s even more a blessing we offer it for them here. 🙌

Fear of not being accepted? 😨

“We all relate.” ❤️

Fear of not being good enough? 😨

“We all relate.” ❤️

Fear of not succeeding in life? 😨

“We all relate.” ❤️

We let them all know honestly and sincerely: we all relate. It’s part of being human. 🤲

I wish I knew the stuff the kids were learning when I was their age! I wish I had attended a place like this when I was younger! 😅

A key principle the youth learned last week: You cannot give what you do not have. As a leader, you cannot lead unless you also lead yourself first. If you’re not 100% for yourself, you can’t be 100% for others. You can only give what you already have. 💯

To change the world you first have to change yourself, not the other way around. Gandhi said: “Be the change you wish to see in the world.” It starts and ends with us all: the growth of us as individuals. Let’s begin…! ❤️ #GYLS2019

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