How I FIND Experiences! (PERSONAL)

I’ve had moments in my life that have truly touched me. ❤️

I’ve cried many times just from the sheer beauty this life has to offer. I’ve lost track of every time I looked up at the sky and felt the glory to which I don’t completely understand. 🌌

Call it Grace. Call it Divine. I’m not a religious person myself, but I call it The Profound. 💬

I’m not too concerned about giving it a label. What I’m trying to say is I truly believe there are experiences in our lives for which words will never fully do them justice. I can describe these moments to you all to the very best of my intellectual ability. But even then, it still somehow comes up short. ✍️

So many of life’s experiences have simply got to be lived. To be felt. To surrender yourself to. To give yourself 100% permission to experience. 🙌

Why? Because there’s a different form of understanding of life to be found within the emotional, subjective experience. ❤️

Don’t get me wrong, I still love the Intellectual part of me! I still enjoy science, logic, critical thinking, and analyzing life with all its complexities. It’s just that simultaneously I also enjoy the Emotional part of me for the hidden gems offered within it! 😁

❤️ The feelings of gratitude.

❤️ The feelings of loving another.

❤️ The feelings of awe at the vastness of our universe.

When you think about it, so much of our lives are driven by emotion! It’s not to say I let my emotions run wild, but that I acknowledge them and then I consciously choose the ones I wish to express. 🗣️

And I just love expressing the ones which produce these feelings of profundity. It just feels so damn good! 😂

Because once you start having these kinds of experiences I’m referring to you never want them to end! 💯

You’ll start to look for more ways to experience them over and over again. For me, I keep finding these experiences happening again and again through Contribution. 🙌

🌟 Give more to others than you will ever receive.

🌟 Focus on what you can Give and not what you can Get.

🌟 Trust your actions of contribution will have a Ripple Effect in ways you will never see, but that nevertheless you made a mark on the world.

What you receive in return is, trust me, more than words can describe! 👍







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