How You TRANSFORM Your Life!

“Ever more people today have the means to live, but no meaning to live for.” – Viktor Frankl 🗣

🌟 A life filled with purpose and meaning is what drives a person forward. 🌟

What gets you out of bed every morning? Do you PUSH yourself out of bed? Or are you PULLED toward something greater than the present moment? Why does any person wake up each morning: to live…or to maintain?! 🤔

I believe these are very important questions we need to ask in a world where mental health continues to be a grave concern. 🧠

⚠️ According to the World Health Organization, depression is the leading cause of mental illness with an estimate 280 MILLION people affected. ⚠️

A few years ago I would’ve also considered myself part of that list. But I don’t anymore. 😲

How did you change that?!” 💬

One thing I’ll tell you for certain: it wasn’t a quick fix. It’s a process, one which takes lots of time, patience, and focus. 👀

But I can also tell you: it’s worth it! ❤️

📍 DO MORE THINGS THAT LIGHT UP YOUR HEART & SOUL. Even when others say it’s not “realistic” or “worth it“, if it’s worth it to you that’s what matters. Do it for you, not for other people.

📍 CHOOSE TO SEE ALL YOUR PROBLEMS AS “GIFTS”. No matter how bad the problem is, ask yourself how this problem can work in your favor. If at first you don’t receive an answer, keep asking until you do.

📍 CHALLENGE YOUR BAD HABITS & CREATE BETTER ONES. It’s easier to break an old habit than it is to build a new one. Remind yourself: you’re making these changes so your Future Self thanks you.

📍 DEVELOP MORE SELF-AWARENESS. Whether it’s meditating, journaling, or creating goals, the better you understand yourself (the good AND the bad) the faster you can make adjustments to your life.

📍 DO MORE GOOD FOR OTHERS. The fastest way out of suffering? Do good for the next person you see. It can even be as simple as a smile. It’s when we get stuck in our heads where we suffer.

Shoutout to my friend Raphael and the work his non-profit The Hero Foundation Napa is doing for his community! It’s how I got this awesome shirt! 👕

I hope it inspires you to spread good too! Because THAT is a life worth living! ❤️







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