Why Want and Need Are DIFFERENT!

We NEED food to live; we WANT specific foods we like to eat. 🍕

We NEED shelter to survive; we WANT a house that’s big and spacious. 🏠

We NEED connection with others; we WANT to connect with people we like. 👥

When we take the time to separate the difference between these 2 in the mind, we allow a new perspective to enter our lives. We allow ourselves to see how much we do in fact have in our lives. 😃

🌟 We understand the difference between what’s essential and what’s desirable, what’s a necessity and what’s unnecessary. 🌟

It’s something you may need to remind yourself of from time to time. I know I definitely have! 😅

When we mistake our Needs and Wants for being the same thing, we suffer when our Wants aren’t met, because emotionally we are treating our Wants as if they are Needs. 😭

But when you discern the difference and your Want is not met, it’s so much easier for the mind to simply say: “Eh! I didn’t Need it anyhow!” 😉



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