Why You’re NOT Crazy For Being Negative!

👀 It’s so easy to focus on what’s wrong. 👀

In fact, we’re hard-wired to be! You’re not crazy! 😅

We all have a Negativity Bias. It’s our brain’s tendency to remember more negative over positive things.

📌 It’s the reason we remember the 1 criticism over the 5 praises our boss gave us.

📌 It’s the reason we remember the 1 moment in the day we were frustrated over the 5 moments we smiled. 📌 It’s why we remember the negative words a friend said to us over the apology they said afterwards.

“Sounds like we have messed up brains, Donald!” 🧠

Not at all! This brain is what kept our ancestors alive before we had the civilization we live in today. 💯 This brain was not designed to make us happy; it was designed to make us survive, to protect us from threats and danger. And it did its job! 🛡️

The problem is our survival brain didn’t keep up with the times we live in today. We don’t need its tools the way our ancestors did. 👍

It’s because I know about this Negativity Bias and how it can affect me in my life that I seek to work on it. I don’t want it to run my life! I’m sure you don’t either! 💯

🌟 Thankfully, it doesn’t have to! 🌟

❤️ Practice gratitude every single day. Take time every single day to think of things you’re grateful for in your life.

❤️ Surround yourself in positive environments. Watch inspirational movies. Listen to uplifting music. Be around friends who make you smile.

❤️ During negative situations, ask yourself: “Where’s the good in this situation?” If at first you can’t think of an answer, keep asking yourself until you find an answer.

I’m not such a positive and energetic person by chance; I work on my positivity every day. It’s an active effort! I’m training my brain out of its default modes of focus. 🧠 And you can too! 😁

Because who doesn’t want to feel happier every day?! Let’s take control of our brains so they don’t control us! ❤️



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