Why You’re NOT Special! 😱


😡 “Whoa, way to kill my self-esteem, Donald!” 😡

…at least you’re not as special as you think you are! And me neither!👎

😡 “That doesn’t help, Donald!” 😡

Okay, hear me out.

We all in our own ways strive to be different. Unique. Special. Significant in the eyes of others. We all want to feel like we are understood and appreciated. We all want to feel like we are loved. ❤️

And that last paragraph proves my point.

No doubt, we each have unique traits that separate us from each other. ↔️

Not everyone will be an artist 🎨, and not everyone will be a mathematician 🔢. .

Not everyone will be an Olympic athlete 🥇, and not everyone will be a Chess master ♟.

But as much as we all are different, let’s not forget the opposite. ↩️

🌟 We’re all human beings. 🌟

What we all have in common is our humanity. 👥 We all carry a similar psychology (like I said earlier). We each carry similar hopes, fears, beliefs, values, and motivations for why we do what we do. 🧠

Internally, we’re very much alike. It’s just very easy to forget that more connects us than separates us. 🔁

It’s so easy to forget that when we live in a culture that encourages us to focus on the outside than the inside. 🏞️

It’s why I believe one of the worst lies we can tell ourselves is that we’re alone, that our problems are exclusive to ourselves, that no one could ever understand us. 😔

❌ I can assure you that’s a bunch of BS! ❌

You’re not special! You’re a human being just like me with 7 billion other people on this planet! 🌎 And I say this not to be a dick, but to let you know you’re not alone here. ❤️

While you may not be as special as you thought you were, now you know: we’re not too far apart from each other. Now you know you can easily talk to me and many other people. 👥

Because yes, ALL of us are also trying to be special like you too! 😅



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