How To Be Pedestal-FREE!

🌟 Be pedestal-FREE. 🙌

Have you ever met someone that made you feel lesser…only YOU were the one making yourself feel lesser? 😮

📍 You became infatuated with someone, and you started feeling you weren’t worthy of their attention.

📍 You saw your friend travel to an exotic place on social media, and you started feeling your life would never be as good as theirs.

📍 You saw a celebrity on TV, and you started feeling like you could never possess the talent they have.

I like to call this phenomenon The Pedestal Effect…and we’ve ALL experienced it!

As a kid this happened to me all the time, and I admit it still does happen from time to time. It’s where in your mind you place someone in a superior position that in turn makes you feel inferior. You see this person, seeing traits in them you so desire, and feelings of lack are automatically created within you. This person magnifies what you feel you’re missing in your own life. 👤

This happened to me so often when I was younger!

– It happened with every new infatuation I had in school.

– It happened with every new celebrity I admired.

– It especially happened in moments when I had to enter confrontational situations.

It becomes a harmful cycle. Every time you do it, you reinforce in your mind: “I’m not enough in this moment.” 💬

But there’s a lesson in all this. I’m grateful I’ve been able to learn, grow, and mature through this past stage in my life. It’s something I’m still coming fully to terms with, but I’m getting there.

And you can too!

When you start to experience the Pedestal Effect:

🌟 Remember: It’s just an illusion! You’re not any lesser than you were the moment before you starting experiencing it. It’s past conditioning, your survival brain looking for something that’s wrong. But there isn’t anything unless you let your mind create that meaning within.

🌟 Remember your worth. While your brain wants to lessen in the moment your feelings of self-worth, remind yourself who you are and what you’re made of. Remind your brain that you don’t need what someone else has in order to feel full and complete.

🌟 Remind yourself: this moment is temporary. We all experience moments like these, where our emotions feel out of whack. Stay aware when it’s happening, and continue to remind yourself that what you’re experiencing won’t last. “This too shall pass.”

…Now that it’s passed, let’s go! You’ve got your own gifts you need to continue offering the world.

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