Why THEIR Words Meant Nothing! 😲



👊 To the child who was told they were ‘weak‘…

👊 To the teenager who was mocked in school for not ‘being normal‘…

👊 To the adult who still hears the opinions of others in their head repeating from the past…

Their words meant NOTHING! 💩

That’s right! Their words were never going to define you or who you were going to be! And they never will! They were only but words…

✖️ Words from people who weren’t happy with themselves

✖️ Words from people who were following what others did to fit in

✖️ Words from people who had already set limitations on their own life

✖️ Words from people who were also still trying to understand this journey we call Life

I know this…because I’ve also been this person before. 🙋♂️

But what I’ve learned throughout my journey is what I’m sharing with you now. Consider me sharing this lesson with you now so you don’t have to learn it later! 😊

Together, through our example and our personal growth, we all can show others what’s possible! We can be the change we wish to see in the world. 🌎

It starts with You…NOW! ⏲️ 



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