How to KEEP Your Inner Power!


A few days ago I had a VERY interesting morning! 😅

I woke up like any regular weekday. I took my regular vitamins. 💊 I drank my regular smoothie. I did my regular meditation. 🧘‍♀️ I did my regular stretching. And then I got to work! 👊

Sounds good, right? Pretty much it was a regular start to the day. 👍

45 minutes have passed on the computer and I’m “in the zone”: I’m writing emails. I’m clickity clicking my mouse. I’m tapping my keyword with my ultra-fast 2 fingers (that’s how I type, no shame). I’m in the flow, and I’m getting work done! 😎

So I’m in the middle of typing my next email to a client…and up pops a notification on my screen that I’ve lost my internet connection! My face scrunches with pure confusion. 😖 I look to the Internet router behind my computer; it’s off! I look to the power strip under my desk; it’s off! I head downstairs to the kitchen to check the microwave clock; I’m sure you can guess what I saw…!


It is days like these which snap you out of your comfort zone. It’s days like these where Unexpected arrives at your emotional home ready to stir the pot and cause some trouble. 🏠 Unexpected is never invited, but he arrives whenever these kinds of situations happen! 😈

And it is also days like these which remind you how much our modern society relies on electricity to get work done. 💡 There’s a thought in my mind that starts to wonder about how our society would function without it. 🤔

But as many thoughts like these start popping into my head, I call the electric company to report the outage. Their automated response tells it’s affected over 200 homes in the area and the estimated time of restoration is around 2 hours. ⏲️

😱 2 HOURS!!! 😱

“What am I going to do now?!” 😨

“How am I going to get a hold of my boss?!” 😨

“What if they think I’m lying?!” 😨

“How am I going to get my work done?!” 😨

“Why did this have to happen on a weekday?!” 😨

“How is the power out on a sunny, 70 degree day?!” 😨

There were the new thoughts crossing through my mind now! 🤯

So what was the first thing I did after I got off the phone? 🤔

A. I dwelled and complained about my situation.

B. I continuously wondered how soon the power would be back on.

C. I created a list in my head of every possible scenario why the power went out.

D. I constantly thought about all the work I wasn’t going to get done with the power off.

E. All of the above.

Perhaps it’s because I’ve welcomed Unexpected into my emotional home many times before, today was thankfully a day none of these options were a choice in my mind. The key word here: I WELCOMED Unexpected into my emotional home! 🙌


I’ve learned over time to welcome Unexpected with open arms every time he arrives. I’ve accepted Unexpected is going to come whether I want him to or not. 👍 I now have made it a point to remind myself that the more I try to resist Unexpected’s presence, it hurts no one but myself. 😖

So what was the ACTUAL first thing I did after I got off the phone? 🤔

I got back on my phone, started blasting some music, and like a child leaping into a puddle I leapt onto my rebounder and jumped like there was no tomorrow. The Grumpy Adult quickly turned into a Playful Child! 😄

It’s important we remember there are things within our control and things that are out of our control ↔️:

📌 it is NOT in my control when life doesn’t go exactly the way I want it to. But it is in my control to make the best of whatever circumstances I’m given.

📌 It is NOT in my control when someone treats me unfairly. But it is in my control to give love even when it is not given.

📌 It is NOT in my control that Unexpected arrives at my emotional home whenever he wants to. But it is in my control in how I handle Unexpected’s arrival.

📌 It is NOT in my control when the power goes out. But it is in my control how I respond to the situation.

It’s important we remind ourselves to distinguish the 2 to save ourselves from needless suffering. Because with a clear head, we all can better focus on solutions. 😁


I decided in that moment Unexpected wasn’t going to screw with my emotional home. He wasn’t going to take over my home; instead he was going to join us along for the party on the rebounder! 🎊

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was worried about how I was going to get a hold of my boss. Now with a clear head, I quickly remembered I had phone internet data to easily send her an email.

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was wondering how the power could’ve possibly gone out. Now with a clear head, I easily dismissed the thought because it wasn’t going to change the power from coming back on.

🌟 With a cluttered mind, I was dwelling on all the work I had to get done because of the power being out. Now with a clear head, I had accepted the current circumstances and started to brainstorm solution going forward.

On a bright note, the power came back on sooner than I was told! 💯 Less than an hour had passed and it was back up and running! No casualties! No worries! And with all that, I got back onto my computer and back to work. 😎

And to think: if I was in the same place I was a few years ago with my personal growth, I may have still been lingering over that kitchen microwave worrying and hoping for a miracle. 👍


Comment how you keep your inner power! ✊








How Acceptance SOLVES Problems!

🌟 Focusing on problems is a habit. And so is focusing on solutions.

The problem is when we don’t see any other option than to complain. It’s hard-wired in our evolution to focus on what’s wrong; it’s our survival brain doing its job to protect us. But there is in fact another option…☝️

Accept reality just as it is. 🙌

🗣️ “That’s ridiculous Donald! There’s so much injustice in the world! How can you ‘accept’ when there’s so much injustice and atrocities?!” 🗣️

Let me clarify: Accepting life as it is does not mean you are ignoring the injustice, corruption, or things that are wrong in the world. Acceptance is so you don’t allow your ego to control your emotions. 🗯️

When you constantly focus on what others “should” or “shouldn’t” be doing, fighting about what “should” or “shouldn’t” be happening in the world, you will also find more of it.

🌟 Whatever you focus on consistently, your mind places a focus to keep finding more of it in your life. 🌟

So if you’re always looking for what’s wrong in your life, your mind, like Google, will be sure to find a huge amount of search results with the keyword: “What’s wrong in my life?” 💻

But when you accept things as they are, you free yourself from unnecessary suffering. You let go of the emotional baggage which comes from focusing on a problem, so you have a clear head to better focus on solutions. 😊

The Stoic philosopher Epictetus said: “What upsets people is not things themselves but their judgments about the things.” When you’re judging, you cannot accept.

🌟 When you argue with reality, you always lose. 🌟

If I told you to NOT think about a pink elephant, what are you thinking about right now? And what if I told you to STOP thinking about it, what remains in your mind? 🐘

But what if I told you to be absolutely okay that the thought of a pink elephant crossed your mind? Be absolutely okay, accepting of the thought, and then choose to let it go. I’d be curious to know how fast your mind starts to focus on other things. 😉








How Emotions Are HABITS!


There’s no question: we all get upset at times in our lives. Sad. Frustrated. Angry. Fearful. Perhaps even hateful.

In fact, these negative emotions are some of the easiest for human beings to experience. It’s hard-wired in us. 😲

It’s known as Negativity Bias, just 1 of many cognitive biases which affect our ability as human beings to see the world in an objective manner. 😱

Instead of seeing the world as it is, as a matter of fact, we usually see it through many lens filters of cognitive biases. 🌎

So it makes practical sense to me when I see people get passionate about experiencing negative emotions. Our brains which evolved to help us survive needed those emotions in times of defense and protection. 👍

But there are times when negative emotions become excessive, one where instead of being useful it becomes an emotional home for people. 😱

“Wait! You can’t be saying that people LIKE to feel upset! That’s ridiculous!” 🗣️

I’d love for you to try my jacket on for a moment. 🧥

Think of your emotions as similar to habits. We all have habits, some good and some bad. But wait, why do we keep bad habits? Why do we hold onto bad habits which don’t benefit us yet can cause us long-term harm? 🤔

🌟 Because it’s far more comfortable keeping bad habits than it is creating new ones to replace them. 🌟

Or when we attempt to build new habits, we stop trying and we fall back into old habits. Like the saying: “Old habits die hard!” 😅

So like habits, what if our emotions work in a similar way? What if we keep experiencing emotional states of mind not because they necessarily help us but because they’re the places we’re most comfortable, an emotional home we’re most familiar with, a place where we have certainty over our lives? 🏠

It sounds self-defeating, and like our bad habits it is too! 🙁

One has the “right” to be offended. One has the “right” to feel angry. One has the “right” to judge, criticize, condemn, and generalize people and things all they want. You will get a temporary feeling of power. 💪

But it never lasts. The question: does it serve a person to feel negative emotions? Or are they perhaps bad habits needing to be broken? 🤔








Why There’s Always ANOTHER Layer! (PERSONAL)


I’ve been around the Personal Development community for over 3 years now. I’ve read many books, heard lots of speakers, and met hundreds of people who continue to help me grow into my best self! 👤 I’m forever grateful! ❤️

But yet, I can hardly say I’ve grown into my greatest potential! 😱

🗣️ “Wait! Are you saying all this stuff’s just a bunch of hooplah, Donald?!” 🗣️

Oh no, not at all! I’ve gotten a ton of growth through Personal Development. 👍 But what I’m saying is the longer I’ve been around the community, the longer I’ve focused on growing myself, the longer I’ve immersed myself in the piles upon piles of material, I can safely say I still have a long way to grow. 🌱

On an even brighter side, life never gets boring because of just that! It’s why im going to be sharing another story with you all! 👨‍🏫

One thing I can assure you, say you decide to go on your own journey of personal growth: As long as you keep making the choice to never stop growing, you truly will never stop growing. 👍

Some people will stop after watching 1 motivational video. Some will stop after reading 1 self-help book. 📖 Some will stop after attending 1 transformational seminar. Some will in fact stop at the end of the section in the library labeled “Personal Development”! 😱

But if you decide to keep growing, you will keep growing. But that also means more than just living your life inside the Personal Development circle. 👍

Last week I was having a conversation with someone I consider a dear friend as well as a mentor in my personal growth, Charles M. Hawkins. Charles in fact was the gentleman who first encouraged me to write down my thoughts like I’m doing right here. He saw in me what I for a long time wasn’t willing to acknowledge: a gift for communication through thoughtful writing. ✍️

And because of him you all now get to put up with my lengthy social media posts! 😂 Muhwahaha! 😈

Anyways, as Charles and I spoke we got onto the topic about my time Crewing at Tony Robbins’s events. I told him how I was a big fan of Tony Robbins’s work…but not in the sense he or others may think me to be. 🤔 On the surface, I can definitely see how some others may see me as a “fanboy”, a “sheep”, or a “naive” individual. But I told him about how in-depth my reasoning goes as to why I actually support Tony’s work. It’s not at all black-and-white! 🔲

(If you want to know more about my reasoning, read my post here:

But what started as a conversation about Tony’s work soon branched into many different subjects, from the Hard Sciences to Philosophy to Sociology to Social Media. They were all subjects I’d been self-educating myself on the past year, and I found how they were all interconnected in some form or another. 🔄 I led Charles down many territories of thought, and as much as my explanations fell into tangents I somehow was always able to bring it back to the overall root. ☘️

I was showing a side of myself to Charles I don’t typically share. It’s one I don’t share much on social media either. And I know some of you have heard me say that statement many times before! But like I said earlier:


I revealed to Charles the Intellectual part of my personality:

📌 The one that sees a more complex world than the one we like to make it out to be.

📌 The one which loves to analyze and get to the root of issues.

📌 The one which sees a world filled with many paradoxes and contradictions.

📌 The one who has an idea, and will then debate that idea in his head for a period of time.

📌 The one who is hesitant to come out into Donald’s everyday life out of concern no one will understand him.

Fear peeked in his little ugly head throughout our conversation. 😨 “I hope you’re not boring Charles!” “I hope you’re explaining this well enough to him!” “I hope you’re still talking like a ‘normal’ human being!” 🗣️

Eventually Charles asked me a question I’m not at all surprised he asked: Was there a moment I decided to go outside the Tony Robbins and personal development environments to learn all these things? ⁉️

Quite often it’s easy to stay inside our comfort zone by surrounding ourselves with ideas we’re already familiar with, ones which don’t challenge our current paradigms of the world. But I was doing that. Why? 🤔

The best way I could answer Charles: At some point I decided my personal growth could not end at Tony Robbins’s doors. 🚪 I decided my personal growth could not end at the library section labeled “Personal Development”. I decided my personal growth could not end at only learning about topics that I was interested in or reinforced my current worldview. 🌎

The past year I stepped outside Personal Development, not away from it but took time exploring what other subjects the world offered. I’ve been self-educating myself on various topics from Philosophy to Psychology to the Hard Sciences. I’ve even learned about topics I’m NOT interested in! 😲

By no means am I saying this to toot my own horn or act like I’m somehow now intellectually superior. I’ve only just started developing this part of me. And I’m going to continue to let it grow! 😁

(For those who want to continue expanding their knowledge base, CrashCourse has become one of my top favorite Education channels on YouTube 💻:

I’m grateful I’ve taken the time to step outside the Personal Development field to see how else I could expand my mind. And you know what: some of the topics I use to once consider ‘boring’ as a kid I learn now and find very fascinating! 😄

But I never would’ve re-discovered them had I not decided to step outside the realm of Personal Development. 🙌

🌟 Paradoxically, you limit your growth when you limit yourself to just Personal Development. 🌟

But of course, what is to come of all this learning I’m doing? 🤷‍♂️ Education is pointless if I’m not also finding ways to use and integrate it in my life, right? As the quote goes: “Knowledge is not power; it’s potential power.” 💬 Nothing comes of knowledge when it’s only sitting in your brain! And what if you die with all this knowledge just left in your head?! ⁉️

I thought about all this as I continued talking with Charles. I admitted to him these kinds of topics where they get complex I don’t usually talk about. Why? Because Fear likes to rationalize in the mind:

😨 “Your online brand needs to stick to a singular focus!”

😨 “People won’t understand what the hell you’re talking about!”

😨 “People want simplicity; that’s Entrepreneurship 101!”

But if you were to ever tell me to a write a book on a singular topic, I’d surely write you a book. But the best book title for it would be “Assorted Writings”! 😂

It was only until this conversation with Charles that I was reminded for the millionth time…


I thought I had gotten over my fears of judgement and rejection from others. I have in many situations! But here it was appearing again, hiding in a crevice I never thought to look into! 🧱

Charles gave me an important lesson last week: If you have a gift, open it. Don’t let it go to waste. Don’t let your fear of social acceptance waver your sail from reaching its final destination. ⛵

So now, with the realization I was still holding back, I’ve decided in the coming year I’m going to be sharing with you all a lot more of Me in future entries. 👤 I’m going to share topics that are more in-depth and things I believe will benefit others to learn about. It’s not to bore you; I can assure they all serve a greater purpose than hearing myself ramble. 😉

It doesn’t matter if I think in complex ways some people won’t understand. It doesn’t matter if I won’t always be accepted for my lengthy posts. It doesn’t matter if my thinking so often falls on Yellow in the Spiral Dynamics scale. 💛

They are only “flaws” if I embrace the belief that they are. But what if they are in fact my greatest “gifts”, and I’m wasting them by hiding them? It’s time for them to be shown a lot more! 👍

If you have a talent or skill you believe is useful in sharing, go and share it! 🏃‍♂️ I think of the scene in “Good Will Hunting” here where Will’s best friend Chuckie gives him some tough love, but it’s exactly what he needed to hear ( 📺

Share your gifts. 🎁 Share your skills which others don’t have. That goes for anyone, not just me. Like this movie scene illustrates: If you won’t owe it to yourself, owe to the people who want you to see you succeed. Owe it to the people who want to see you thrive. Owe it to the people who need to receive what you can give them. Life is far more than just about focusing on yourself. 🌎

It’s why I share this post with you all today. It’s my hope through my own stories that you see them reflect through your own. 🙌 As I’ll always continue to tell you all: I’m not perfect, and I will never claim to be. I’m perfectly imperfect, just like all of you. And I’m also still growing just like all of you. 🌱

🌟 The moment you say you know all there is to know is the moment you stop growing. 🌟

I think of Socrates’s quote: “All I know is that I know nothing.” 🗣️ And the more I’ve continued to learn and grow, the more I keep seeing how that quote rings true. 🔔