How Our Beliefs CONTROL Us!

📌 The Optimist believes in the best for the future. Therefore their mind likes to focus on hope and faith.

📌 The Pessimist believes in the worst for the future. Therefore their mind likes to focus on what’s wrong with the world.

📌 The Realist believes in seeing things as they are, not better or worse. Therefore their mind likes to focus on the facts, not stories about the facts.

📌 The Cynic believes in only the selfishness of others. Therefore their mind likes to focus on distrusting other people’s “good” intentions.

What do all these categories have in common? They are all ways of looking at life. They aren’t “right” or “wrong” necessarily; they just are ways to see the world around you. Each outlook will produce a different experience of life. 🙌

🌟 Our beliefs constantly color and shape how we perceive life. 🌟

Take an example of people who get into a car accident.

📌 The Optimist hopes the people in the accident will be okay.

📌 The Pessimist expects most, if not every person in the accident will die.

📌 The Realist measures the probability the people in the accident will live or die.

📌 The Cynic assumes the people in the accident were careless or intentionally caused it to get insurance money.

🌟 We don’t see life as it is. We see life as a reflection of who we are. 🌟

Carl Jung talked about how ideas can possess people, rather than people possessing ideas. And when a belief possesses a person, the person is no longer in control. The belief speaks through the person. 🗣️

I must add: beliefs aren’t intrinsically bad. We all have them and need them to function in our lives. It’s when we lose our self-control at the expense of our beliefs where they become a problem. 👍

So how can we check if our beliefs possess us?

📍 Acknowledge most of our beliefs are not even our own. We’ve picked them up over time and embraced them as our own.

📍 Challenge our beliefs. Question how they could in fact be wrong. Question our ego’s need to hold onto them.

📍 Seek other points of view that challenge your beliefs. It doesn’t mean you have to agree, but to keep an open mind.








Why Tony Robbins is NOT My Guru! (PERSONAL)

Written on May 26, 2019


🗣️ “Every end is a new beginning.” 🗣️

The past 10 days I’ve had the privilege to volunteer at Tony Robbins’s Date With Destiny 6-day event here in Australia. ❤️ Amidst all the recent Buzzfeed shenanigans, amidst Tony still recovering from a stomach ulcer which had him losing 1/3 of his blood, all of us here pulled through nevertheless to put on an amazing event 2500 souls will never forget! 🎊

When I look back, it was only a few years ago that I was standing on the Schaumburg Convention Center floor participating at my first Tony Robbins event. Little did I know I’d be standing here today in the Cairns Convention Center halfway across the world as one of Tony’s regular volunteer Crew members. 👥

To recount everything that’s happened in my life these past few years would take ages! 📚 But my story, specifically with Tony’s work, goes back even further…↩️

I’ve never written it all down before until now. But it’s time you all knew, because I have something important I also need to share with you all! 😲

As a teenager, the first job I ever had was working as a Boy Scout camp counselor in the small town of Wild Rose, Wisconsin.🌲 For 8 weeks every summer, hundreds of staff like myself committed to serving thousands of Scouts and Leaders in an unforgettable camping experience. It was a key part of my life for 6 years. 🗓️

To make things even more fun for Scouts, the staff members would not use their real names. My nickname was “Dohnut”. Yes, it was spelled that was because I said it was! 😂

One week up there, I met a Scout Leader Sudesh Kannan. I don’t remember how we initially started talking, but what I do remember is asking him for a list of books he recommended I read. If I recall, he was more than happy to. Correct me if I’m wrong as you read this Dr. K! ✅

Among his list of book recommendations was Tony Robbins’s “Awaken the Giant Within”. 📖 But first and foremost I have to admit something right now. And I think this may shock many of you who know I’m a big fan of Tony’s work today. 😱

🙀 Embrace yourself! Are you ready?! 🙀

I have NEVER read any of Tony’s books in their entirety! I’ve read portions of them here and there, but never one in full! Crazy, right?! “…And you call yourself a fan!” 🤣

🗣️ “So if you’ve didn’t read his books, how did you ever get interested in Tony’s work???” 🗣️

My dear friends: the Internet is a beautiful thing! Online, I watched recorded videos of his speeches. I read many of his quotations. I followed his social media page. 💻 I became a fan of his work real fast. Something about it just resonated with me! 🤔

I made a pledge to myself that attending one of his events would be on my bucket list. 👍

And then one day in 2015 I went onto his official website to see if he had any upcoming nearby events. 📆 To my astonishment, he did! He was coming to to Chicago that July, only a few months away! Even better, he was going to be hosting his Unleash the Power Within event at the Schaumburg Convention Center just 15 miles away from my house! 😱

I grabbed my tickets promptly! 🎟️

I remember UPW being the most transformative mental and physical experience I ever had to that date!

✅ I remember the beginning music playing on Day 1.

✅ I remember Jennifer Hyland’s intervention with Tony.

✅ I remember the radical honesty sharing with others the limiting beliefs I was ashamed to admit.

✅ I remember crying my eyes out during the Dicken’s Process.

I remember for the first time I experienced what some would refer to as a “spiritual awakening”, minus the woo woo or religious dogma that often tends to come with the idea of spirituality. 🤲

To summarize in a single sentence: I truly felt alive! It was a euphoric experience in many ways I could not put into words! 🔠

I remember the day after the event ended I weighed myself: 234 pounds exact. I remember that same day I also quit drinking soda, going from a daily 3 to 4 cans a day to 0. None! Zilch! Zip! And ice cold water replaced my new favorite drink. 💦

I started focusing on exercising more and finding healthier food options. 🌱And over the course of 2 months I lost over 25 pounds! 😲

For a time, I in fact didn’t return back to the Tony Robbins environment for a while. It wasn’t until a year and half had passed that I finally decided to Crew Tony’s UPW event in November 2016 in San Jose, California. ✈️

There I had the privilege to make new friends like Steven L ParryAustin SprinzCharles M. Hawkins, and who I said was “a very happy lady” Rocky Jacobson. 👥

But at the time I was a nervous wreck! 😨

I was so worried about doing something wrong and getting in trouble. I wanted to make a good first impression on Crew. I tried to help everyone as fast as I could. I overexerted myself to the point I wasn’t taking care of my own health! 🤕

And I can assure that’s NOT what anybody says when it’s continually emphasized to all the Crew: “Take care of yourself. Drink plenty of water. Take breaks when you need to.” 🎤

But it was Rebekah Koon-casson who really helped me one day I was there when she looked me in the eyes and told me something I’ll never forget: “What are they going to do?! Fire you?!” 🤷‍♂️

I never forgot because I laughed and it made me calm down. Rebekah, I use these exact words today towards other new and nervous Crew members just like how I was. I hope you don’t mind! 😁

And that event would be but the first of 8 more UPW events I’d Crew, from Los Angeles to Chicago to Newark to London. 🌎 Over that time I met hundreds of new Crew members, connected with so many amazing event participants, people from all walks of life, and took on leadership roles such as Floor Captain. 🥇

I consider it a privilege to be a part of giving back the experience which was first given to me to thousands of more people. ❤️

And now I’m here…present day! I’m 165 pounds now. Personal growth has become one of my top priorities. And I’m about to close the current chapter in my life! 😲

What do I mean by that? Don’t worry, I don’t plan on leaving Crewing anytime soon! But a new chapter is in fact beginning for me. 😊

That young camp counselor. That 23 year old boy at UPW. That first-time anxious Crew member. None of them would foresee this new chapter about to be written. None of them would ever foresee the day I would be telling you all that I’ll be officially working for Tony Robbins. 😱

You heard me right! As of May 28th, the day I arrive back home from Australia, I’m officially an employee at Robbins Research International under their amazing Sales team, working for the #1 personal development coach in the world! ✊

To say this realization still hasn’t fully hit me would be a bit of an understatement. But I can certainly say I’m more than excited for this next chapter in my life to be written! ✍️

🗣️ “You’re obsessed with Tony Robbins! It looks like some cult!” 🗣️

To all my friends who are skeptical about why I’m so passionate about Tony Robbins, I absolutely understand that. From an outside perspective, for anyone who’s never been to an event, my enthusiasm might seems a bit uncalled for. What’s all the fuss, right?! 🤔

Let me clarify: I’m a “Fanboy” for Tony’s work and mission, not the Man himself. Contrary to popular belief, I’ve never even personally met the guy! No handshake. No photo op. No small talk. It’s not a priority for me! 😝

📌 I don’t consider him a guru.

📌 I don’t worship or blindly idolize him.

📌 I don’t place him on some godlike pedestal.

📌 I agree that blind worship towards anything or anyone is not healthy.

For the cynical, I can assure he has not “brainwashed” my intellectual capacity to critically think about him or his work objectively. 😎

For me: Tony Robbins is a damn fine teacher. 👨‍🏫 A psychologist. A philosopher. 👤 A person I consider a mentor with over 40 years in the field of personal development. A person who is genuinely intent on seeing the world suffer far less through authenticity and personal responsibility. ❤️

He’s promoting a mission I believe is strongly needed for our long-term society: the psychological and spiritual growth of the individual. 💪

For those who take the time to dive into Tony’s material, you’ll see how deep it actually goes. It’s far more than a lot of the self-help drivel you see today. 👍

Parts of his material is rooted from many places. Existentialism. Essentialism. Stoicism. Plato. Aristotle. Sigmund Freud. Carl Jung. Hypnotherapy. Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Neuro Linguistic Programming. Archetypal Psychology. Meditation Mindfulness. Pavlov conditioning. Buddhism. Hinduism. Mythology. And the list goes on! 📚

Tony has taken complex concepts and simplified them into a pragmatic form of understanding. He’s taken what people often see as difficult and painful to do (breaking old habits, changing one’s life) into easy and simple steps.

Like the greatest of teachers, Tony has interconnected all these ideas into programs and events which help people better themselves as individuals. 😄Like the teacher John Keating does for his students in “Dead Poets Society”, Tony Robbins inspires his student participants every event to show how we all can also “seize the day” too! ✊

And THAT is why I support his work so much! So much for just some “positive thinking” “rah rah” events, right? 😅

I challenge my friends who are skeptical of his work: don’t mistake my online positivity for naivety. It’s not the man himself I’m a “Fanboy” of; it’s his work and the long-term impact I see it having on our world. 🌎 I should know; it did for my own life! 👤

Thank you Tony Robbins for the work that you do, and I look forward to now being a part of it even more! ❤️

For all the negative gossip posts the past week with Tony, I’d love for you all to SHARE this post. Let others hear from people who are actually in the community! 😊


#IStandWithTony #TruthIsPower #StepUpForTony








Why You Should STEP Outside Yourself!

Have you ever watched a movie and seen an actor play a character which simply astounded you? 😲

You watched the actor on screen, and you were struck by how real the actor portrayed the character. You were taken in by their struggle, their pain, and you cried when they cried. You knew it was just a movie, but for a moment in time you saw this actor as nobody else but this character. 👏

How do these actors pull it off? How do they bring these characters to life in such a way? 🤔

I’m not an actor by trade, but I did have some acting roles back when I was in school. And what I learned not only applies to acting, but also to how can better understand others. 👥

🌟 To understand requires you to step outside yourself. 🌟

To better understand others:

📍 We need to acknowledge our common humanity, an understanding we’re all here on this planet making our way through our lives as best as we can.

📍 We need to know what motivates people to do what they do. What drives a person to take certain actions? Are they driven by greed? Revenge? To please others? To be independent?

📍 Perhaps most important, you need to understand yourself. The better you understand yourself, what drives you, your habits, your own self-awareness the better you understand others. And vice versa, if you better understand others, you can also use what you learn to better understand yourself.








Buzzfeed: Why Journalistic INTEGRITY is Crucial!

“We are now in a media environment where you have to engage in false statements.” ~ Ben Smith, Editor in Chief of Buzzfeed News 🗣

Buzzfeed just published a defamatory article sharing anecdotes and “insider” testimonies accusing Tony of sexual allegations and mistreatment back in the 1990’s. 😔

This the same Buzzfeed that did a similar piece during Tony’s MeToo controversy last year when they cited a 10-minute video someone recorded at his event (out of a 40+ hour event) as “proof” he was some sort of misogynist. I was at that event, as well as the one they cite in their recent article about this past December. 😲

As expected, both situations were massively taken out of context in favor of sensationalized news by journalists who’ve never attended an event, let alone ever met the man personally. And it’s so easy to generalize what you don’t understand. It’s easier to label someone as “this” or “that” than take the time to know them or who they are. 👍

It’s quite easy in our cynical society today to demonize a person from the safety of one’s computer, to cherry-pick details as “proof” that something more sinister is happening behind the scenes of the Rich and Powerful. Conspiracy theorists online do it all the time. 🤷‍♂️

These days emotions can matter more than facts. But just because you “feel” something to be true does not mean it is. That is why we have the beauty of facts; they stand regardless and outside of one’s feelings.

The problem is our emotions can be VERY faulty. 👍

Emotions distort the facts about our pasts and color our perceptions every single day of our lives. 🌈

🌟 Whatever we believe and focus on about our lives, we will in turn experience it. 🌟

🙌 If we believe we are victims of our past, we’ll continue holding feelings of oppression for as long as we live.

🙌 If we believe our pasts don’t have to define our future, we’ll continue to find ways to become more than our pasts.

🙌 If we believe one of the feminist narratives that we live in a patriarchal society systemically designed to oppress woman and minorities, we’ll experience suffering with every interaction we have with people we believe are more “privileged” than us.

“Pain is inevitable. But suffering is optional.” 🗣️

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not blindly siding with Tony. But I have more than massive skepticism for a news media which has a history of thriving on fear, decades-old controversy, and targeting Tony. 😞

Buzzfeed’s “proof” in their article are former disgruntled employees, cherry-picked anecdotes, and “insiders” we cannot verify any of their claims. He’s an easy target for them; he’s rich, charismatic, and aren’t we all cynical of the Rich and Powerful’s motivations to truly do good for others! 👎

But they are grasping at straws of a 40+ years career of a man who’s actually influenced millions of lives to live less as Blaming Victims of the Past and more as Loving Conquerers of the Future. 💨

They cite a recording from Date With Destiny this past December of a woman who used the term “emotional violence” in regards to her husband. BuzzFeed tried to get her to support their article, but she refused. She even made her own video discounting Buzzfeed’s portrayal ( I also had the privilege to meet her personally. 😔

Recording content is strictly prohibited at events. It’s not because of some diabolical means to hide what happens at events; it’s because snippets of these long events can take conversations and teachings greatly out of context. It’s so participants have a safe space to be extremely honest, open, vulnerable, and also be challenged on their limiting beliefs. 🙌

Buzzfeed violated the sanctity of this safe space and this beautiful woman’s privacy by releasing just 1 minute of the hour long conversation, all in the name of a false “social justice”. 👎

But to leave you all on a brighter note: the man responsible for the recording is under legal investigation and there are already legal actions being taken in regards to the whole fiasco (…/nicholas-fuzer-gary-king-and-b…). 😀

🌟 My biggest advice to everyone: don’t take what you read on the news at face value. It is more often than not done at the expense of truth. It’s done to startle you, to appeal to your emotions, to grab your attention rather than be truthful. 🌟

Here are just a few facts BuzzFeed, in their own words, “don’t want you to know” 😱:

📌 Contrary to BuzzFeed’s article: On Crew, management continuously encourages us throughout events to take care of our physical and mental health. They also provide us food and encourage us to take breaks whenever needed. Our health comes first.

📌 Event days are long. It’s done intentionally to immerse oneself in the material being taught. Participants are well aware of this. They sign a waiver acknowledging the event’s physical and emotional demands, as well as the acknowledgement NOT to record content.

📌 No event doors are locked, no one is told “you can’t leave” the event, and people are free to enter and leave the room as much as they please.

📌 Contrary to BuzzFeed’s article: the 2018 lawsuit they mention was actually filed by 2 former one-time Crew members claiming they were lawfully owed compensation for volunteering. Crew is a volunteer position. We all know we are volunteering without compensation; it’s why it is called “volunteering”.

📌 The concept of “masculine and feminine energies” is not Tony’s own theory. It is actually rooted in the Hinduism concept of Shiva and Shakti as well as from other relationship authors.

📌 Contrary to Buzzfeed’s portrayal: Tony does NOT “randomly” pick people out of the audience to speak. Anyone he’s ever done an intervention with or been given a chance to speak raised their hand or voice in order to participate. No one is forced to speak.

📌 Tony uses societal taboo words to snap people out of emotional states during interventions. This may include references to an “orgasm” or “masturbation” precisely for that reason; it shocks us into a different emotional state, whether that’s into a “laughing” one or a “being offended” one.

If anyone has any questions, I’m happy to help answer. I’m going to continue serving at Tony’s events and change the world for the better! ❤️

I unfortunately can’t say the same for Buzzfeed. 👎

Tony’s open letter to Buzzfeed:…/an-open-letter-to-buzzfeed-editors-and…

Others who work with Tony who Buzzfeed “failed” to interview:

TAD SCHINKE, Head Trainer:

ALONZO CAHOON, Director of Safety & Security:

TIM BALLARD, Founder of Operation Underground Railroad:

JOSEPH MCCLENDON III, Live Speaker at Events:

SCOTT HARRIS, Live Speaker at Events:

SHARE this real truth! 😊


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