Why Setting the Example MATTERS!

Have you heard the saying “actions speak louder than words”? 💬

It’s because your actions say more about who you are as a person than the words you use to describe yourself. 👤

📍 Someone can say “I’m always on time”, yet their actions show otherwise.

📍 Someone can say “I’m really good at this game”, yet their skills show otherwise.

📍 Someone can say “I am a nice person”, yet how they treat others shows otherwise.

I myself can make claims about who I am. But if my words don’t match my actions, you will notice. 💯

So instead of spending time saying who you are, it’s far better to spend time simply being the person you wish to be, being the example. 🙌

🌟 People don’t follow the ones who call themselves “leaders”. People follow people. 🌟

Why You Should EMBRACE Personal Growth!

Why do I embrace personal growth? More importantly, why should you even consider it? 🤔

It may surprise you, but I won’t say you “have” to do anything. I’m just one guy on social media sharing what’s been serving me well and what I see serves others to also know. 🙌

This is a path I’ve chosen for myself. It’s one I personally believe if others took it would also greatly enrich their lives. 😄

But again, I’m not here to make you do anything. I’m not here to speak in absolutes like I have every answer. Sure, I may speak like that at times in my posts, but I want to remind you that you can always take and leave my posts as you’d like. 👍

🌟 If you want to work on yourself, do it for You. Not for me or anyone else. 🌟

So why do I work on myself? Sounds a bit selfish, doesn’t it? Why do I make the daily effort to become a better person? 🤔

Let me put it this way: it’s less about Me and more about We. 👥

When I work on myself, it will reflect in my future behaviors and actions towards others. When I allow myself to become a better person, I in turn will allow others to become better people. It’s like a ripple effect. 🙌

Think of it like this: the personal growth I don’t do for myself now, the internal demons I don’t address now, will be passed on in the future for others to deal with. I don’t want others to have to. 👎

🌟 Personal growth is not about becoming flawless, but about always seeking to become your best self. 🌟

Overall I believe the better I am for myself, the better I will be for others. And if we all as a society made a commitment like that to ourselves, imagine how different our society would be today! 😲

Personal growth is a lifelong journey. Many will never begin that journey. But you can be one of the few that do. And if you won’t do it for yourself, think of the people you will impact just by doing it. ❤️



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💬 “No one has ever become poor by giving.” ~ Anne Frank 💬

I haven’t told any of you about Kieran. I mean practically no one! Not on social media. Not even on the Tony Robbins Crew. But I think it’s time I introduced you all to him! 😃

It was a a bit over a year ago I met him. But here’s a plot twist I must share with you all: it was NOT through a Tony Robbins event! I know, shocking right?! 😂

Actually, we met through Instagram. We shared a few common interests, chatted here and there, and for the most part we were just acquaintances. He was a nice guy. 😃

But it was around this time last year I was volunteering in London for UPW’s 2018 event, and Kieran saw my social media posts about the event. He was curious about it, and I started chatting with him about the work of Tony Robbins. What first was a short conversation turned into a very lengthy one! 🙌

And then came a moment in our conversation I will never forget, one that continues to stick out in my mind as I write this! It was the day after UPW had ended. I was heading back home, walking to the train station in Canary Wharf. But while I was surrounded by many corporate buildings, my eyes were more or less glued to my phone chatting with Kieran about the event! 😄

And then I made a very big statement, one you might have said was “crazy” to make the way I did, in such a matter of fact way. But I was also dead serious. ⚠️

I told him:

😲 “If you want to attend next year, I’ll see to it I get you there.” 😲

I remember even as I sent him the message a part of my mind was saying: “How the hell are you going to do that?! You’re not made of money!” 😠

But I said I’d do it…

…Flash forward to two weeks ago, April 11. It’s the end of Day 1 at UPW London and the Firewalk just finished. Kieran has just walked over a thousand-degree hot coals. I come up to him at the sear risers to finally meet him personally. He is covered in sweat. His voice is hoarse. He’s been “playing full out” at the event for over 12 hours. He should be ready to go to sleep, right?! 👍

🛑 Nope! 🛑

He is brimming with energy! He’s smiling from ear to ear! He’s hugging me so tightly his arms are shaking! And he can’t stop thanking me! 🙏

Over the next few days I’m driven to tears multiple times as I see how much he is getting out of the event. Though my job was a Floor Captain this event (the earpiece in the photo), I did sneak an occasion or two to check in on him! 👣

For all the text and video chats we use to have on Instagram, I witnessed a very different person that weekend. A transformed individual! It was beautiful to witness! 👐

He said to me: “I get it now! I use to see you jumping and yelling and dancing and all in your videos. But I actually get it now!” 🕺

I’m so grateful I was able to help make this happen for him! But I also couldn’t have made this happen if it wasn’t for my good friend Ruth Hiller. Ruth, I cannot thank you enough for offering a UPW ticket to him! Because of your act of kindness, I was able to pay it forward to an amazing soul, and it’s more than I can communicate in words! Thank you! 💕

🌟 When you have the chance to give back to others, just do it. It’s a feeling like no other! 🌟

Kieran: I look forward to seeing how you continue to apply what you learned and where you’re headed next on your life’s journey! As I said to you right before we took this photo: “You get to take this all this with you now wherever you go!” Much love, brother! ❤️ #EudaimonicLife



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How Traveling SHAPES You! (PERSONAL)

Written 4/5/2019

As I write this, I lay in bed at my Glasgow AirBnb. I’m quite tired, my neck aches a tad, but I’m thinking about the past few days with much gratitude…❤️

I didn’t tell many of you this…but I’m ready to now. 🙌

Last April I had traveled to London to Crew at another one of Tony Robbins’s event. It was my first time being in London, and prior to the event I made time to tour around. 🇬🇧

Being there, I felt like I has entered a different time period. The architecture I had only seen in movies was now all around me. I experienced a whirlwind of positive emotions, and I didn’t want to leave! 😄

10 days later, as I left for the airport to go back home, I remember starting to break down in tears. There was a voice in my head softly whispering: “I’m not ready to leave. I just got here.” And as I sat in the airport waiting for my flight, I held back even more tears! 😭

But I pledged to myself: “I’m coming back very soon!” I felt determined that what I experienced didn’t have to be temporary. 👍

Now it’s 1 year later, April once again, and I’m back in the United Kingdom for another Tony Robbins event to Crew. Go figure, another Tony Robbins event right?! 😂

But I’m not in London yet…😲

Do any of you remember MySpace? If you’re an old bloke like me (😉), you probably used it too. It was the popular social media platform before Facebook became the cream of the crop. 👑

I originally met my Scottish friend Kris Nimbley​ on MySpace over a decade ago! He was one of my earliest online friends, and while we didn’t always keep in touch over the years we did remain connected, from MySpace to Twitter to Windows Live Messenger to Skype all the way to Facebook. 👥

So as I planned my flight back to London a few months ago, I messaged Kris and told him: I coming over to visit him for the first time ever! 😀

To say my visit in his hometown of Kilmarnock these past few days was enjoyable would be an understatement! 👍

Not only did I meet Kris in person for the first time, I got to meet his lovely family, visit the local landmarks, and he even brought me to the little town of Dunure to see their famous Castle right on the coastline! It was absolutely gorgeous! 😍

One thing you learn as you travel is how little you know about the world. You are reminded there is so much to see! You can read as much as you want from a travel brochure, pack as much stuff in advance to be prepared, but once you’re actually there your plans are forced to shift and evolve. ↔️

What you initially plan and expect doesn’t go precisely the way you expect…and this unpredictably makes it very refreshing! You can let go of everything you “think” will happen and simply enjoy the ride! ❤️

This afternoon Kris and I parted ways at the train station as I spend the second half of my Scotland trip here in Glasgow. Thank you again Kris for your amazing hospitality! So far Scotland’s name as being “One of the Friendliest Countries” really rings true! My visit to Kilmarnock will definitely not be my last! 👍

To my readers: If you have friends you haven’t talked to in a while, I encourage you to reach out to them, see how they’re doing. We all grow, we all evolve, and you may find out you have more in common with your old friends than ever before! 😁

For anyone Crewing in London next week, I’ll be seeing you soon! But first, some more beauty here for me in Scotland…! 😄❤️ #EudaimonicLife



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