How We’re Always CHANGING!

🙌 We are always changing. 🙌
There’s this thought that has been on my mind the past weekend. And let me add: whenever I have a thought I’m really interested in exploring, what starts as a single thought grows into a multi-faceted set of ideas in my head. I take many routes. 🧠
It’s what psychologists commonly refer to as a “flow state”. It’s a state where some of my favorite posts have been written. It’s a state where time stops and I’m mentally swimming in an ocean of ideas. 🌊
Yesterday as I helped load out the last of Tony Robbins’s UPW event materials at the LA Convention Center, I became reminded of the day before where the thought I’m talking about first came to mind…
🌟 Change is a part of life. The question is if we’re consciously choosing to change or if we’re letting our environment choose the change for us. 🌟
…The day before I had briefly met up with an old high school friend I hadn’t seen since 2010. We had a really insightful and meaningful conversation. He told me about what he had been doing since high school, and like myself he had chosen a road less traveled. It was a life which filled him up and not one which the status quo may expect one to choose. 🙌
In a way, I felt like I was talking with him for the first time. I found I had a lot more in common with him now than I did in high school. As we parted ways and I got an Uber, this thought of Change had become planted in my focus. 👁
To say he had changed would be only giving partial credit. We both had changed. Grown. Evolved. 👥
I started to think about my other friends from high school, wondering what they may be doing now, what lives they had chosen for themselves, or whether they were letting life choose for them. I thought about the decisions we all make as individuals which set the trajectory for where we will end up long-term. I thought about how the littlest of change in our actions can make the biggest of impact in our lives. ❤️
🌟 Whatever we do, wherever we go, whatever we see, whatever we feel, it all has shaped us into the person we are this very moment. 🌟
So why am I sharing this all with you? 🤔
It’s because I’m also thinking about the 15,000 participants who attended this past weekend at Unleash the Power Within. I’m thinking about the participants who have been given a handful of knowledge and understanding and what they are going to do with it. 🤔
Will they use it to change their lives for the better? Will they fall back to their old ways of thinking? Will they come back to what they learned later since the seed has already been planted in their minds? They each have an opportunity to Change. As they say at the event: The biggest growth starts the day after the event, when the choice is now up to you.
With me traveling to LA…with me Crewing another event…with me making new friends here…with me seeing my high school friend…with me typing this very post…I am changing. 🙌
And I did it with purpose. Eudaimonia. ❤️ #TranscendLabels








Do You Believe in Coincidences?

Do you believe in coincidences? Do you believe everything happens for a reason? As my other blog entry about reuniting with my old friend illustrated, I’m a believer in this area, how life happens for us, not to us. The past few years I’m noticing what I’d call “happy coincidences”, occurrences I can’t fully explain but I can’t help but smile about. I’m not talking about anything paranormal, but occurrences that make me think that the odds of them happening were so slim. Nonetheless, they happened.

I’ll share with you another example. Two weeks ago I was on my way to London to do some volunteer work. I’d never visited London, let alone traveled to Europe by myself, so a lot of Firsts were going to happen for me on this trip! Little did I expect an additional First that I wasn’t even expecting!

The day of the trip, I anxiously packed my bags, got driven to O’Hare airport, stepped onto the Norwegian Airline plane, and traveled 4000 miles across the world to London’s Gatwick Airport. Minus my new sleeping accommodations, I was so anxious I could hardly sleep on the plane. By the time we had arrived at the airport, I was needless to say a bit dazed and drowsy!

As I stepped off the plane, it was now 10am in London. Still in my half-awake mode, I grabbed my bags at the baggage claim and went straight to Customs so I could enter the UK. I believe I waited in the line there about 2 hours, but given my sleepy mood I’ll give the benefit of the doubt and say it was at least an hour. It was one of those long lines where the airport had it set up to zig-zag throughout the room. It was one of those lines where every 30 seconds everyone took a step forward except you because you likely weren’t paying attention. It was one of those lines where you could look at the crevices in the floor and write a bestselling novel about them before you reached the front. Long story short, the line took a while.

And here’s where it happened.

I was waiting in line, rubbing my eyes with one hand and holding my baggage in the other. I’m looking to see where the front of the line is, and then to the back to see how much longer the line has extended since I got in it. And then I see him. I see a taller gentleman with a woman. At first I’m unsure, but then I have this feeling in stomach that I know who he is. This person that was about a dozen people behind me in line was someone I use to work with.

I remember my body feeling tense, because in my mind I debating whether or not I should ask and confirm it was him. The part of me that was saying not to do had a valid point: What is the possibility I’d really run into someone I knew from a different state, from 10 years ago, 4000 miles away from home, in the same country, in the same airport, and in the same room?

It was him. He was just as surprised as I was. We honestly didn’t know what to make of this surprise reunion. He noted how he vaguely recognized me, but he remembered. We briefly spoke, we gave each other our farewells, and we went on our way. This person, I worked with him 10 years ago at a summer camp. I barely knew him at the time then too, but I never forgot his face. As I got to the front of the line and walked out of Customs, I started smiling to myself: The possibility of that happening happened… 

I had many great memories on my trip, and this was just one that continues to stick out to me. 🙂

I Smile Remembering High School…

I browsed through some old high school mementos and felt a sense of nostalgia this evening. I remember being back there. There honestly weren’t many thoughts that crossed my mind of when I would enter adulthood. Most of my focus back then was on my present life: my friends, the homework, the pep rallies, the after-school activities, the cliques, the AP classes, the couples, the drama, etc. Continue reading “I Smile Remembering High School…”

How to UNDERSTAND People in Customer Service!

“You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view…” ~ Atticus Finch

I’ve worked in Customer Service for over 9 years now. And no matter how many customers I’ve worked with, no matter how many job positions I’ve had, there is always one thing I’ve found necessary to succeed in this department: You have to be open to understanding other people’s points of view.

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