Why You Shouldn’t Argue With REALITY!

Remember: People don’t know…what they don’t know. ❤️
You cannot expect a child who’s never learned math to understand algebra. 🔢
You cannot expect a teenager who’s never learned personal responsibility to just do it. 👤
You cannot expect an adult who’s never surrounded themselves with opposing viewpoints to have a nuanced view of the world. 🌎
You think they “should know better”. But the fact is: they don’t. So why be upset over things 100% outside your control? 😓
My point is you don’t have to hold onto these expectations in your mind about how others “should” be acting. It’s causing you needless suffering. 😫
Accept things as they are, not how you feel they “should” be. See things as they are, not how you “wish” they would be. 👀
Allow yourself to let the “shoulds” go. 🧘

And instead, be kind. ❤️
📷 #Flashback Dunure Castle, Scotland

Why “How” Matters MORE Than “What”!

The words I’m saying to you now are the words I wish my younger self would’ve been told. 🗣️

Sure, he was told at times to stop caring about what other people thought. He was told at times to stop people pleasing. 🛑

But he didn’t know how…😫

🗣️ “What do you mean ‘how’? You just do it, Donald! Simple as that!” 🗣️

I understand your perspective, and if it works for you I’m very happy it does. That’s great! But I’ll share with you another perspective I’ve also learned. 📖

Sometimes what people need the most is NOT hearing the solutions. In fact, these people have often heard the solutions MULTIPLE times! 😲

No, what they actually need is a compass to navigate themselves, their emotions and their intellect, towards the solutions. 🧭

In other words, they don’t need the answers to the “What?” They need the answers to the “How?” 🙌

In other words, telling someone to stop caring what others think is far easier said than done. The problem is you’re telling someone What to do, not How to do it. 👍

You can tell a person all you want to fish. But if they’ve never been taught how to fish, how do you expect them to know? 🤔

🌟 You can’t expect someone to know what they don’t know. 🌟

I wish I could’ve told my younger self the Hows of messages like the one above. I wish I could’ve shared with him this How, that inner happiness and fulfillment matters more than other people’s opinion of him. 💬

I’ll leave you with one statement, however blunt, that reminds me how silly it is to worry so much about what others think. Much love! ❤️

🤯 If you worry what other people think, you’re letting someone else’s imagination control your reality. 🤯

Why You Should EMBRACE a Growth Mindset!

For a long period of my life I embraced a Fixed Mindset:

🗣️ “I can’t change who I am.” 🗣️

🗣️ “I’m either good at it or I’m not.” 🗣️

🗣️”My future is already predetermined for me.” 🗣️

🗣️”It is what it is.” 🗣️

I use to tell myself I can’t help my Depression and Anxiety: it’s something I simply cannot change. It’s in my brain.

🌟 Once you’ve made up your mind about who you are, you stop looking for other possibilities. 🌟

Why does the Fixed Mindset persist?

📍 It lets us stay inside our comfort zones. It takes effort to change old beliefs. There’s the saying: “Old habits die hard.”

📍 We live in environment which reinforce a Fixed Mindset. We are (indirectly) influenced by the things and people we surround ourselves with. Jim Rohn said: “You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with.” We conform whether we want to or not.

📍 The seed of a Growth Mindset is not often planted enough in our minds to want to change. We see it more often in glimpses: a superhero movie, a character’s example in a book, a short news story about a one-of-a-kind occurrence. It’s always “far off in the distance”, not tangible enough for us to believe it could also be our own.

So how did I change? I’ll give you some nuggets! 😀

👍 I made an active and dedicated commitment to embrace a Growth Mindset, rather than a Fixed Mindset. I traded it in!

👍 I surrounded myself with others also embracing a Growth Mindset. The best part of it is we learn and grow from each other, not simply reaffirm each other.

👍 I saw every problem as an opportunity to grow, not as a sign I should stop going towards my destination. I saw every problem as a GOOD thing!

🌟 Decide that your past will not dictate your future. 🌟

See life as a “journey” rather than a “chore”. For those struggling, I understand. There are times I’ve slipped up myself, and I still do! 👍 You’re not alone; it’s an ongoing process for all of us! 👥

I’m rooting for your future success and your fulfillment! You got this! ❤️#TranscendLabels



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